Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I really did not fiddle with it

County Kerry Ireland
Apart from the leaking water heater and the oven for which we could not find the switch (why would you turn an oven off?) our time was uneventful - in the sense that nothing too dramatic happened.

Now of course we sense that Brian and Maeve have blamed us for the hot water heating  going wobbly but it really was not our fault. It ran out of hot water one morning and when we got home that afternoon there was no hot water so we looked at the system instruction book and – as instructed in the book – re-booted the system.

Then we rang Brian and he told us ‘it had never done that before’ (yeh right) and he said he would get his friendly plumber to call – which he did the next morning. Well the plumber called and said that we had done the right thing and right after the plumber left the system started spraying water all over the place and we just knew we were up shit creek because we were sure as hell going to be blamed for that and Brian was already unhappy about a number of things including – I suspect – being Brian.

So we put the biggest bucket we could find under the heater and when we were leaving the next morning I rang him and told him the good news and he accused me of ‘fiddling with it’ which would be a bit hard to do as there are only really two buttons but he already knows he is dealing with a moron who left Austria to find a place in Ireland without even knowing where it was - so one can hardly blame him.

Anyway just as we left the cleaner arrived and she may well have been the unhappiest cleaner in all of Ireland - and has clearly not found her raison d’etre working for Brian and Maeve. I explained the heater problem to her and stressed that there had not been any fiddling but she had been talking to Brian and she did not believe me either - so we got out of there as quickly as possible before she could give us all a good beating for daring to rent a house which it was beyond our capacity to find and occupy.

We are now back in Vienna for a whole two weeks – although Liz and Darryl are gallivanting about in Wales for a while. The cats are very glad to see us and I am recovering from my cold which was really quite nasty.

I have put some Ireland photos in the Picasa Album attached to this blog.


  1. I have friends and relos who are Irish and they are a miserable!!

  2. You just don't know how to deal with the Irish, Badger.

    First, you ring Brian and say, "Brian, I have a bottle of Jamison's that I'd like to share with someone. Why don't you come over?" After he gets there, start pouring the drinks.

    After the first, ask him how the missus is, the kids, all that.

    After the second, say, "We can't seem to get the stove working. Would you mind taking a look at it?"

    After third, ask him how things are going down the pub.

    After the fourth, say, "Seems there's a bit of a leak in the hot water. Might you give it a look-see?"

    After the fifth, ask him how buisness is doing.

    After the sixth, say, "Thank you for the wonderful stay, Brian, and for sharing this bottle with me. Say, why don't you take the rest home with you? Goodnight, now. Don't let the Sidh distract you on the way home!"

    I should know about this as my grandmother was Ireland.

  3. My grandmother was FROM Ireland...

  4. sounds like Brian deserved to have his water heater simply explode and not even be told about it because his guests were so far from fiddling with it that they could not possibly know anything (Sargent Shultz - I know Nothing! Nothing!) about its state of existence. He could just come home and discover the flood.

  5. Simon: Apart from the cleaner and a rude tart on the train the ones we saw were wonderfully cheerful.

    SK Waller: Clearly I should have taken lessons from you before I left - at least I know what to do next time.

    NanU: I am sure he was a lovely man but he was very fond of his water heater.

  6. Why are you not authoring your own line of tourism books?

  7. smedette: My sort of tourist books would only sell 6 copies.