Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am ready for Oymyakon

Our night out at Ein Wiener Salon was indeed an epic performance. It was Sven’s first day back after holidays and he put his heart into every morsel. Every meal at this restaurant is sensational – but this was special. This is what we had

Orangenlachsforelle mit Estragonmayonnaise, Wildkräutern & Saurem Kürbis

Sellerie-Apfel-Karottensuppe mit knusprigem Sellerie & Sellerie-Orangensalat

Gerbratene Gänseleber auf Topinambour, Stangensellerie, Löwenzahn & Preiselbeer-Ananaschutney

Confierte Entenkeule mit Dattel-Erdäpfel-Roulade, Rotkohl & Sanddorn

After we left the restaurant, however, things deteriorated badly.

We started heading for home and Cate said ‘let’s pop into the Schwarzer Hahn for a nightcap’ – and then bounded off towards it. Mayhem ensued. The less said about it the better – but it was a very late night indeed.

We made some new friends – can’t remember their names now but we bonded on the night. Unusually – we did not bring any home.

It was a bad day for all concerned on Friday – particularly Cate who had to work and Gwenyth who had to spend 30 hours flying to Australia. She was however upgraded to First Class on Etihad so this eased some of the pain.

In my case I regained my sight and the use of my hands at about midday and was able to force down some coffee.

On Saturday Cate achieved her ambition of buying me a proper coat. It is made by Christia in Italy and will get me through the fiercest winter imaginable. I am ready now for Minsk or indeed would be quite comfortable in Oymyakon.

During the last two weeks Sissi has developed a passion for shredding anything Cashmere and has managed to destroy a couple of Cate’s prized possessions. On Sunday she excelled herself by jumping on a small table on which a wax lamp was burning. The table collapsed.

She is now covered in wax - which will come off in time. I rather suspect that I will not get all the wax of the walls and ceiling but we can use the table for firewood.


  1. I wonder how much I'd have to pay to be allowed to shoot the food pictures at the Wiener Salon!

  2. Oh Dear! I see what you mean - had never looked before. You should contact Felix and Sven and tell them they need help!

  3. I had the pleasure of eating at Ein Wiener Salon quite recently. The food is excellent, as you say. That it is without Michelin star is a big oversight, although one I am grateful for, since dinner is just about affordable for me (a life devoted to art is a life sacrificed... and all that).

    As for those photos - Merisi is spot on. Deary deary me! Although she is being far too modest to suggest that she should pay for the pleasure, and not them.

    Talking of Michelin stars - Wien is a bit short on these, but there is a one star restaurant called Mraz & Sohn that is really worth a visit. I'm not one to fetishise the stars, but if you like Sven's cooking you'll love this place. With my recommendation of strudel in the proletarian sticks Merisi responded with characteristic sophistication, putting in her own classy recommendation for Demel (and who can disagree?). I mention this because coming quick on the heels of that the second time looks like a pattern, and I wish to disavow what may look like an agenda... But yes, Mraz & Sohn is in the grim (but colourful) working class depths of Brigittenau... However, that didn't stop the intrepid Michelin inspectors and you shouldn't let it stop you!

  4. Thanks parsifal. WE have looked at Mraz and Sohn in the past but have never ventured out of Bezirks 1 and 3. We will go there soon.