Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Internet Day!

Thursday 4 September 2008 - a day that will live in Infamy.

Today we were to get wireless Internet, Cable TV with 6 million channels and a telephone landline. What did we get - Zip! Null! Nada!

Cheerful Internet Man (IM) arrives on time and starts farnarkling. After a while all lights go out and power goes off. IM resets - it happens again - and again - and again.

IM loses interest - there is a wiring problem and I need an electrician.

When will I see you again I ask plaintively - I really don't want 6 million channels all in foreign languages that I don't understand - but I really do want an internet connection.

Ven zee cable is fixed! he replies sternly.

Fortunately there is a work around for this problem. I buy a separate wireless connection and we don't have a telephone or TV - elegant huh?

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