Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Have a nice day

We are in Washington where everyone is very friendly and hopes we have a nice day – every day. We are also very welcome.

Today Cate was working so I mooched about and had a manicure. The manicurist was named Jazzmine and – after I had signed a disclaimer so that she was not responsible if my fingers fell off – she asked me what my aspirations were.

I said that I would like to be a better person but that really I just wanted a manicure – which she set about with great purpose – after she filled out a questionnaire covering the essential details of how often I had my nails done – how I wanted my nails shaped and did I want clear polish?

She was clearly new at this business and half way through the process needed to go and get her ‘Educator’ who was called Valerie and Jazzmine called  ‘Ms V’.

Ms V asked me some more questions and said that as a special offer - and at no additional charge I could have a hot fragrant towel draped around my neck.

I was sorely tempted but passed on this because time was ticking away and I had things to do.

This whole process lasted 45 minutes and cost $10.

Nothing else seems to be very cheap though and we seem to have found some very expensive restaurants.

I think the food has been fine but Cate has complained bitterly – although she did have a nice hamburger in the hotel.

It was the size of a Bull Elephant and came with about 20 kilos of fries so we sort of ate around the edges.

We are here until Thursday when we go to Indianapolis. 


  1. I find it trite, but have you heard,"Have a good one!" yet?

    Friendly advice: if elephantine portions aren't your thing, steer clear of The Cheesecake Factory. I understand that a single main course can feed an entire small nation.

  2. Yes, $10 sounds veRy low, I don't think they eveR do anything that low in our nail place. We are fixing to get a second pedicure chair before the busy season takes off. Of course I don't do any of the actual nail work eXcept for occasions that require hammers simultaneously. We got a little bit of snow but I think it is s'ppose to burn off today.

  3. Not fancy, but good food
    I love Louisiana Kitchen in Bethesda (authentic Cajun, Red Line metro station, 3 minutes walk) and Teaism in Dupont Circle (R Street location, just off Connecticut Ave, Red Line Dupont Circle,

    Really nice place (reservations!):
    Georgia Brown's Grits with Shrimp (not really Low Country, but tastes great).

    I take "have a nice day" any day. There's worse than people trying to be friendly. ;-)

  4. I am quite happy these days to order from the "senior menus", or in better restaurants, from the appetizers, not because they cost less, but because the portions are smaller. They are actually normal in size, but America is the land of more-than-plenty and the more-than-obese.

    Welcome to the States. I just smiled knowing you are here!

  5. Wow I pay $23. And no hot and fragrent neck wrap. I do get a heated neck wrap when I get my teeth cleaned.

  6. USA! USA!

    Have a nice day!

  7. Y'all come back now. I found USA a very interesting country, just sitting in a mall and watching who went by, or going into shops and seeing (what to me was) unusual products available. Have fun!

  8. I had a pedicure in Paris and it was the best thing I had for real! :o) no questions just a great job...then an evening meal in my favourite brasserie. Gawd it don't get much better!

  9. VictoriaK: Not yet - we may be in the wrong part of the woods. We will certainly steer clear of the cheesecake factory.

    esb: Yes i just don't understand the price - even at minimum wages it would hardly pay for itself.

    Merisi: Quite so - and EVERYONE is friendly.

    SK Waller: We have found some places that have normal meals - but they are hard to find.

    fmcgmccllc: I must speak to my dental hygienist about that.

    smedette: Thanks!

    Sandy: It is certainly a good place for people watching

    Simon: I bet it cost more than $10