Thursday, January 24, 2013

We shall see

Billy is still in intensive care so for a few days I had an automatic Peugeot 508 – which had the disturbing habit of stalling between gear changes.

The engine did not stop - but all forward momentum ceased – as though I had used the brakes between gear changes. It was quite unnerving – who knows what people following me thought.

I also found it difficult to park in our garage – conscious as I was of the need not to mangle it before I returned it to the car repair company.

Anyway I have now given it back to Rozalin  - and it is resting in Cate’s car park at work waiting for Billy’s return. I won’t be here for this happy event as we leave for Washington tomorrow morning – early.

Cate has finally decided on a spot for the new lounge chair. I do not expect this to be permanent as she is clearly still formulating plans and was muttering as she moved the chair around to new positions trying to find the ideal one.

I could have told her that this was back in the furniture shop where it came from -  but this would not have been helpful.

But the cats are quite pleased with it – although they will find it harder to get to when it is in the basement.

It will of course be my intention to blog when I am traveling - but strange things do happen and I occasionally get distracted by the delights with which I am surrounded.

We shall see


  1. We look forward to your report on how you celebrate Australia Day.

    Enjoy your US visit :-)

  2. Have a great time in the US. I hope Billy is all fixed up when you get home.
    Travel safely !

  3. It's snow in DC. In honour of Badger, I suppose. ;-)

  4. The pug might have had whats called a DSG gearbox. Whilst "automatic" they are basically a manual gearbox with an automatic clutch. this gives you a gear change like a manual. If they are not serviced properly there is a dramatic pause between gear changes.

    Automatic gearboxes run on oil. DSGs have proper cogs in them... Autos are "smoother", DSGs are more fuel efficient

  5. Billy is back from the hospital. He is currently in the special care ward in our garage. bruno rubs him done with a special biological healing wax twice a day. He should be fully healed and happy to go home by the time you return.

  6. fmcgmccllc: Thanks

    Annie: Had a hot dog!

    Me: Thanks

    Merisi: Yes we arrived in a snow storm.

    Simon: Yes that sounds like it

    Rozalin: Thanks treasure.