Monday, February 4, 2013

I am doing my best to fit in

The President was here

In Washington I spent my time out and about immersing myself in American culture  and watching the passing parade - which in Washington is mainly black and – I regret to say – seriously overweight.

I thought I was a little bit overweight until I got here – but compared to the average Washingtonian I am positively skeletal. Even Jazzmine – who was only 19 – was well on the way to being colossal.

But who would be surprised - with the type of food they have and the stupendous quantities they serve.  

I have decided that it is time for me to go onto a serious diet because the whole thing scares me.

We missed the inauguration but I got a photo of the covered stand where the President sat.

Indianapolis is just as scary in terms of the size of the meals and the size of the people - but I am getting used to it now.

We spent the weekend exploring Indianapolis and found that it does indeed have some lovely inner city areas and neighborhoods although most of the population commutes from places such as Carmel – which in 2012 was voted the best place to live in America.

No – not Indianapolis – America!

Cate is working now and I have been laid low by a bug which I picked up in Washington so I am just hanging about the room and the hotel.

Fortunately the hotel has its very own Starbucks and any time I want a bucket of Cappuccino I just have to go down the 2nd floor. The smallest size I can buy would fill my Cappuccino needs for a week.

But I am trying to adapt – even though most people here cannot understand a word I say. 


  1. buckets of cappucino - ha! i've always referred to the buckets of diet coke ;) welcome back stateside, i didn't realize you were here already - are you here in DC for long?

  2. Hehe... But how much can you understand them? Probably marginally better than in Vienna...

  3. Hmmm ... I guess my comment as "Anonymous" while shopping didn't go through from earlier today while I was shopping. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Sorry about the bug, Oh the stories I have about Indy and cannot repeat. I do agree about our fatness here. When I was anywhere but the US I felt fat, here I feel average even if I am fat.

  5. Yes. The portions are huge and so are we.

    Welcome to America! I'll be sure to send you a survival guide and welcome package.

  6. TNDW: Not here for long. Back in Vienna Friday.

    Annie: Oh Yes indeed

    esb: On the mend thanks

    head in the sun: Lots of snow in Indy-but no pics - too cold

    fmcgmccllc: I worry about some of the people I see - they are just so big

    smedette: Wil the welcome pack include a chain saw for the burgers