Saturday, January 12, 2013

We have it too easy here

This is Vienna at 2:00 PM on Saturday afternoon. More snow.

Meantime Australia is sweltering in some of  the highest temperatures ever recorded and the country is being ravaged by bushfires.

The sign below is a familiar one – well known to all Australians. It makes me realize how lucky we are with the climate in  Europe.  


  1. I think we may get a little snow today. I am bundled up in indoors, a warm doggie at my feet. I think I wiLL just study aLL day ... and coffee.

  2. We were extremely fortunate yesterday. The southerly came through a few hours earlier than expected and it only reached 31 or so beforehand. The afternoon was pleasantly in the 20s - airconditioning turned off, house opened up and cooled down. And, you'll be pleased to hear, we maintained our hydration throughout!

  3. about 40 here yesterday. Bourke was 48.3. once it gets into that range it does not feel as bad as the 30's imo. however you cannot do much. cool today about 25

  4. The only "snow" in some areas here is ash. Just a bit of smoke haze for us fortunately. Death to all arsonists.

  5. yes sandy. its been terrible. we had a fire alert ( again) 3km southwest of us, which puts it smack bang in the Grose river gorge.. they had the water bomber up to it straight away. I was on the roy cleaning gutters and making sure the fire pump and hoses we have were in good working order.

  6. esb: Dogs and coffee are two important ingredients.

    Annie: Those blessed southerlys - how we used to look forward to them.

    Simon: 48.3 is pretty special.

    Sandy: I agree about arsonists!

  7. prideaux... strikes a bell. were you ever a spy. vienna and spying goes very well together. third man, tinker, tailor... etc.

  8. Happy to swop my pool for your weather if you are interested ????
    Have the best day and enjoy being cool !

  9. Can't we do a temperature share? Australia shares 20°C with Austria and then we have decent temperatures in both places.
    Not happy with the snow :(

  10. Garry: Yes I am sure we were related - but I would make a very bad spy!

    Me: No thanks - it is just perfect here at the moment.

    Rozalin: You Austrians! Trust me if you lived through an Australian summer you would never feel badly about a bit of snow.