Monday, January 14, 2013

I am not planning on leaving my job

Cate is in Dubai this week so is missing all the snow. We had decent falls again last night which is bad news for Austrians – who are sick to death of the damn stuff – but bliss for me.

I just can’t wait to get over to Stadtpark to take photos.

Cate has been muttering about going away at the end of next week too – I am not sure where yet – but she is thinking about taking me along so I have washed and polished my passport ready to go – wherever it is.

I am never stuck for something to do while Cate is away as she always leaves me a few chores – like washing and ironing and sewing. In my spare time I just loaf about and read and watch golf and cricket on TV.

And no you cannot have my job – I am not planning on leaving it any time soon.


  1. You are more diligent than I with your job. I shirked my responsibilities this morning, grabbed my camera and headed into the 1st to take photos.

    I'm sure there is something in the pantry the family can eat for dinner tonight. ;)

  2. I hope you get to go somewhere fun.

  3. How I long for snow, or at least a hint of winter.

    It's been 77F/25C here.

  4. I am with you there mate. HAving had the "luxury" of 12 months off the weekday job, I have settled into the routine of washing, ironing and cooking.
    The weekend work keeps me occupied.

    Sadly though, for me I need to top the bank account back up! So its back to work part time this year

  5. Your photo really shows that the snow is a good depth.

    My job is similar to yours but Jim doesn't take me anywhere - not that I mind...

  6. I have veRy close to the same job, eXcept I am in the middle of biochemistry. WeLL, closer to one third.

  7. VictoriaK: Ah is easy for me as I only have to feed myself and the cats.

    fmcgmccllc: Anywhere except Dubai will be good.

    smedette: As you know - you live in the wrong place

    simon: I must say that washing and ironing and cooking is easier than working all day long.

    Annie: The swine. Hide his grog!

    esb: You are never going to stop studying are you!

  8. Every time I see the photos of your snow - I get so jealous !!! At least today was a little cooler which made a huge difference. Last night I even got to sleep with a sheet on !!!!
    I don't do stay at home very well - I love staying at home but am not that great with cooking and cleaning, I get the washing done but don't iron (I don't even think our iron actually works anymore - if something needs to be ironed I don't buy it !!!)
    Hope you get to go away somewhere special - maybe with a pool where you can swim ???
    Have a great week !

  9. Me: Yes I will see if I can organise a pool - that would be very nice.

  10. Cat wrangling is a very important job requiring lots of time and attention. Not just anyone can do it.