Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh dear - poor Billy

Today I was supposed to have lunch with Merisi but I had  a very bad night and was still awake at 3:00 AM so was feeling well below average this morning.

We have postponed our date until tomorrow when we will probably go and photograph cemeteries.  I think cemeteries in the snow are very special places. But that is just me.

So when I finally surfaced I went shopping, cycled down to Alt Wien to buy some of our favorite coffee – and smashed Billy into the side of the garage when I had to deliver something to Rozalin. 

The turntable was not working and there were three other cars on the same level – and this makes the task of getting out very difficult – and I demonstrated clearly that it was beyond me on this occasion.

So I well and truly scrunched the side – fortunately not on another car. This means more work for Rozalin as she has to fill out lots of forms.

I would do this except that they are entirely incomprehensible and use very long German words which are still beyond me.


  1. Does Vienna have a taxi service?

  2. "It's only a flesh wound."

    Sorry, though.

  3. I don't know how you do it, I remember that parking and it was scary. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. In the car auction we are always parking cars in very tight and difficult spots. However, i saw one of those lift and turntable garages in Paris and thought...that looks tight. This proves they are mate

  5. Two panels, or is it three? Looks nasty even if it is a flesh wound. Worst part is being without Billy for however long it takes for your Austrian panelbeaters to fix it. Would be great if it coincided with time away:-)

  6. well luckily it's only a flesh wound not too drastic. even luckier that phillip will get a replacement car while billy is in hospital :) .... and the forms are not even soooo difficult to complete ...

  7. esb: A very good one. And all the taxis are Mercs like Billy - and black - and I have been hailed more than once - and have ben tempted.

    SK: Indeed - there is no cause for alarm - except at my own stupidity.

    fmcgmccllc: Every time in and out of that garage is exciting and raises the heart rate.

    simon: The fact that I have only scraped Billy three times in four years amazes me.

    Annie: Ah...but see Rozalin's comment.

    Rozalin: Thanks - you are a treasure - and we just hope it is not the Queen Mary that I get as a replacement.

  8. You're all writing about the flesh wound on the car.

    I'm more worried about the impending flesh wound on Badger when Cate returns from Dubai, although I suspect that Rozalin fixing it will temper the reaction by the time Cate gets home. ;.)

  9. I was about to suggest that there was probably another Benz waiting in readiness for the slightest injury to billy. And Rozalin has confirmed my suspicions. Surely after the beating you gave the qm the car people have a spare ready with engine running...

  10. nzm: Cate is OK about this - she refused to drive the car in or out of the garage so appreciates the problem.

    Lenny: If they have any sense they will give me a much smaller car.