Thursday, January 17, 2013

Big Snow

Spot the cats

We have had some big snow in Vienna and it is still coming down.  I had to drive for about 20 Km today to visit our skin doctor and it was a very harrowing experience.

After visiting the doctor I got bogged in the snow trying to turn Billy around in a one way street and had visions of having to call a tow truck to extricate him.

However – I scraped the snow and ice from around his tires and - after a tense struggle - managed to  get him back on the road. Fortunately there was not much traffic on the roads so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been – but was not a happy driving experience.

Cate has revealed that she is going to Washington and Indianapolis and – as she is going for two weeks – wants me to go with her.

This is fine as I can stay with Cate’s brother in Washington for a few days and then mooch around the city while she is working. I am sure I will find some exciting things to do in Indianapolis – I probably should find where the ducks are.

The snow should stop tonite so tomorrow I will be able to visit Stadtpark - which will look wonderful with a deep blanket of snow. 


  1. yes, the snow is lovely indeed!! for once I agree with you on that ;)

  2. I want that snow! All this frigid weather is pointless without it.

    I envy your trip to Washington. I've seen a lot of my country, but, outside of New York City (and vicinity) and Savannah, GA, I've not spent any time on the east coast.

    Have a great time!

  3. I am going soon towards Indianapolis - part way - to Oklahoma, to visit my mother and possibly some of my siblings. It looks like it is 995 miles to Ind-polis, and 310 miles to my mother's place. It is 685 from her place to Indianapolis, so her place is about a third of the way there. I am going to make her some soups and my German Chocolate Cake.

    1. I have become interested in ducks recently as weLL, but in a different way. I have been watching Duck Dynasty, it is a crazy reality teleBision show.

  4. I see those cats.
    I wish we had some snow here so I could toss my own out in it & watch them shake their feet.

  5. Big Daddy drove to Indianapolis yesterday as the flight cost as much as Bulgari jewelry and he said there were signs everywhere declaring non-allegiance to the prez. Should be fun.

    I was amazed they are giving you a faux Billy replacement, such faith they must have in Rozalin. And Billy keeps trudging on in his weakened state.

  6. Does the snow melt without flooding your apartment? Or do you have to swathe the floor with towels to staunch the flood?

    And if the trip were to the USA coincides with Billy's repairs, bliss. But I guess that's too much to ask.

  7. 45.3 here today mate. little, if any chance, of snow

  8. Rozalin: Now that is a first!

    SK Waller: We have more than enough now - you are welcome to share. Thanks.

    esb: Well we may meet sometime somewhere. I know what you look like. I have not see Duck Dynasty - has not made it to UK TV yet.

    NanU: Sissi just loves it - she sits at the door and meows to go out.

    fmcgmccllc: I may be able to join some protest marches.

    Annie: Yes the doors are waterproof. I am getting a replacement for Bill so no problem.

    head in the sun: Did you see BOTH?

    simon: You have my sympathy

  9. Well, I can see a blob under one of the chairs and I can see a ghost-like figure on the window sill.

  10. head in the sun: The second one is bottom centre - look for the ears.