Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Which church do I go to in Vienna?

Today I took Melissa to see the Bridge at Andau. This is a photo taken from the bridge today.

Mrs. Moneypenny asked me today which Church I went to in Vienna and I answered quite truthfully that I had not yet found a church in Vienna that I wanted to attend. This applies of course to every city and town on the planet - but still.

Well – as I have told you before – there is no point in telling Mrs. Moneypenny that I am not religious because her eyes would glaze over and she would simply not understand.

Now I could have tried to explain things to her. I could in fact have shown her the article I am currently reading in the June 2011 edition of National Geographic. It is entitled ‘The Birth of Religion’ and talks about an 11,600 year old temple that has been discovered in Turkey where ancient religious ceremonies were conducted. These people invented their gods many thousands of years before her particular God was invented – but of course there have been many, many thousands in the intervening period.

She is from Latvia and she has been brought up to believe certain things and she will bring her son up to believe certain things and unless he can escape the clutches of the church and get a non-religious education he will probably also believe that stuff forever.

I myself was guilty of giving my three children a Catholic education.  Fortunately this is the best Atheist creating machine in the world and my children are now committed Atheists – and they did this without the slightest assistant from me.  I am so very proud of them.

Indeed if there was a Global Atheist Association and it awarded Gold Medals for recruiting – the annual prize would always go to the Pope.

Cate has gone very quiet in Peoria and I can only assume that the lack of proper Espresso coffee has deprived her of the will to communicate. I am sending her a constant supply of photos of Cats and Ducks to keep her strength up but this is hardly a substitute

I am not sure how this problem can be overcome. You can get really small Nespresso machines now but still not small enough to fit in a suitcase with a supply of pods.

I think I need to write to NestlĂ© and ask them to put their best minds to work on this. It is important to people who need coffee to get through the day. 


  1. I remember even as a small child at catholic primary school - I couldn't understand, if there were so many starving children in Kampuchea why didn't the pope just give them some of his gold?

  2. Now that bit of water looks so straight that I am assuming it has to be a canal?

    (As a proselytising atheist, I try to use the odd opportunity now and then to indicate that their religion is both irrational and, if it is Christianity, offensive and repugnant. My words of course remain unheard.... But I like to see you keeping up the good fight in your blog.)

  3. Hey, they just said Peoria on Happy Days (shuddup).
    I had never heard of Peoria before you spoke of it.
    See how you are expanding my mind - now I get geographical references from mediocre(?) television shows from the 70's?

  4. freefalling: He needs it to pay compensation for what his priests do to small children throughout the world.

    Merricks: It is called both a river and a canal - but I think it was probably always a canal. The Europeans are caring less and less about religion - in fact in large parts of Europe it is on the way out.

    Freefalling: Are yes: Peoria was very popular in 70s America TV shows (which in fact is why I picked it). The old expression was 'will it play in Peoria?'

  5. I am always concerned about Peoria as many people I knew who spent too much time there got a bit whacko. Peoria+no decent coffee is a recipe for disaster.

    I think your church is the pond with the ducks.

  6. If you find a good source of coffee over here, let me know!

  7. fmcgmcclic: It is not really Peoria but I am not allowed to say Indianapolis. Don't ask. It is indeed my church. The Duck God lives there.

    Wanderlust: That will be in my kitchen. You will be most welcome.