Monday, June 27, 2011

It's that Viennese White Wall Random Dab style

Maria Island - Tasmania

Well I achieved the most extraordinary result with my painting. It actually looks like a patchwork quilt. I have never seen anything quite like it. 

It looks like someone has gone around and made random short dabs with a roller all over the walls. But I just do not know how I did this because I gave every part that I painted two full coats – and I mean good coats – with a very high quality paint and roller.

This just takes the biscuit for me. I have never seen anything like it.

The good thing is that no one will ever think that it is not supposed to be like that. They will think wow that must be the new ‘Viennese White Wall Random Dab’ style I have heard so much about. I expect that soon I will be in Austrian Vogue. I may take the style to Peoria and create a sensation.

Cate has been very good about it and has said that she cannot notice it. She has the ability – when faced with some particularly hideous features of her existence – to switch off.

She is – for example – able to ignore piles of cat vomit and other types of feline excretions. Ignore is not the right word. She does not see them. They register on her radar to the extent that she can step over them or segue around them but other than that – and a slight shudder – she is oblivious.

(Except on one memorable occasion long ago when she stepped out of bed into a pile of fresh, warm vomit deposited by Muffin. I am still slightly deaf in my right ear from this incident)

It is this way with the walls.

But I have hung up my rollers. It is all over with me and painting. I have demonstrated that any knack I had is long gone. Any future painting in the apartment will be done by a skilled tradesman.

Anyway – Cate is in Bangkok so the cats and I are on our own again. We are planning the usual knees ups and I am out on the town tonite with my friend Yum Cha. 


  1. I loath painting 100%, and would pay the earth to have someone else doing it for me

  2. Thanks for the picture, we are thinking of going there for a vacation. I have heard they have quite a few rules for visitors so I will need to do some research.

    Make sure you post a link to the Vogue article, Peoria will adore your talents.

  3. simon: I will too in future - with Cate's money

    fmcgmcclic: Particularly as I have included some Christian symbolism in the artwork.

  4. Thank you for the beautiful pictures an storys.
    Vania Lorena Casasola

  5. Vania Lorena Casasola: Thank you for your kind comments