Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's good night Vienna for Muffin

Muffin last year

Merisi sent me an email to say – as politely as possible – that there appeared to be something wrong with the white balance in the photo on my blog yesterday. She said that as an academic challenge she had downloaded it and  tried to do something with it - but that it was beyond redemption.

Ah well – I said – this is because it was in fact taken the day after I had fallen off the dog sled onto my camera and smashed it and my ribs to pieces.

So this and all the other photos that were taken on the trip were captured with Gwenyth’s camera which was made in 1992. No – I am not kidding – 1992. And it took really shitty photos. They were mostly out of focus and there was nothing you could do with them in either iPhoto or Aperture.

Now some bad news for cat lovers. Muffin merged with infinity yesterday.

She became really distressed the previous evening and was no better in the morning. I don’t think she was in any pain but was obviously suffering from extreme anxiety – which had been developing for some time.

She had been very restless and roaming around the house – not sleeping – just lying starting into space. And I looked at this scruffy 19 year old cat yesterday morning and knew it was time.

I would have waited until Cate came back but Muffin was obviously very distressed so I took her to the vet straight away and that was that. It was a sad day but I was glad to see her finally at peace because she has not been a really happy cat for some time now.

So we are down to two cats.  Cate got back this morning and has been on the phone since she got back. As soon as she has a moment she will start talking about kittens. Spare me!


  1. Wednesday was also the last day for Tortie Wareing, aged 20. Her vet came on a house visit so she was spared the distress of another trip in the cat transporter. She's now buried in the garden and her owner, Imogen, is cat-free and lonely.

    Poor globe-trotting Muffin. She outlived her offspring and had to tolerate the Austrian invasion - Monika and Sissi. RIP.

  2. I'm so sorry. You gave her a good life with a lot of love. That's what really matters now.

  3. sorry to hear that mate. we did put Midnight down so I understand

  4. I am so sorry about Muffin. May you be comforted by the thought that she had a really good life with you and Cate.


    I hope you will pardon my attempt at telling you something you knew anyway. Maybe I should see Dr. Freud - I seem to suffer from something like acute exam withdrawal disorder (graduating seems so easy, until you realize you are suddenly deprived of a sense of forging on!).

  5. P.S.:
    Word verification "skills" - wahoo! ;-)

  6. My condolences, have had to do that and it is brutal.

  7. I'm so very sorry to hear about poor Muffin - she certainly sounded like she had a perfect life with you and Cate and her "siblings."

  8. Oh no! I'm so sorry, Badger.

  9. Sorry for your loss; our furry friends mean so much to us.

  10. A sad day indeed for you and Cate. It's horrible and even though I didn't meet Muffin I find I'm moved to tears (she said, madly blinking them back). Happy infinity Muffin.

  11. Adding my sorries to every1 else's Badger. Always sad to lose a fur ball.
    Much taken with the idea of merging with infinity though. :) Be kind to yourself.

  12. Thank you all for your kind comments. It was very sad to lose Muffin but we she had a long and happy life and was a much loved member of the family.