Sunday, June 19, 2011

What happened to the missing blog?

Cate is back from her latest trip and we are all mightily pleased to see her. Well – the cats have not shown much interest but you know what they are like.

With cats you can be gone for a months and they will feign indifference upon your return and not come near you for days.

So I have been getting some emails about a blog that came and went on Saturday.

We had one of those Goat things on the weekend when out of the blue I was subjected to an attack by a ferocious blogger from wilds of France. It started off with him leaving comments on Merisi’s blog asking why she had watermarks on her photos. The comment was:

Your Viennese rose is esthetically pleasant (although a little wilted on the edges of the petals), in a similar to your urban linden trees. These splendid vegetal creatures are better appreciated in a setting such as Gamone… where there are no annoying (insulting, money-evoking) copyright watermarks on my photos.

He then sent that comment and another couple of emails to me and in the process I was called a ‘little nothing…… talking fake shit to fake folk.’ I am apparently a ‘little nothing’ because I have a copyright clause on the bottom of my site - but this is pointless because I am devoid of talent and have nothing to protect.

I thought that the emails were so creatively, gratuitously and hilariously, venomously offensive that they deserved publication – so I did this. But being as dopey as I am I forgot to turn off comments and then went out shopping to see if I could buy some talent.

My fake friends came to my defense and were then attacked by my real enemy. It all got a bit nasty so I deleted the blog. But there is always a trail somewhere – and keen eyed readers were anxious to know the story.

Well – you cannot read the emails until the book comes out. But believe me they are worth paying for – he is a wonderfully creative insulter. (See – I do have something to protect.)

And no – I have no idea why he did this except that he apparently finds me so offensive that he needs to let me know – and I guess Saturday is as a good as any other day to do that.
Incidentally – on his blog he refers to his venomous and spiteful attacks as:

 “it was also a fine day to say that "enough's enough" to certain would-be international Internet friends whose pretentious dullness was starting to bore me. They may not have understood what I was trying to say (they certainly don't), but I feel liberated.”

Me? I would have just stopped reading their blogs rather than sending frighteningly offensive emails – but still – who can say what’s in the mind of a old man who lives in the mountains of France with only dogs and donkeys for company.

And enough’s enough of what? WTF does that mean? Do our blogs creep of his iMac at night and bite him on his ancient wrinkly nuts?

On a happy note – as I mentioned in the banished blog – there is a mother duck with 6 very small babies in Stadtpark. Nature at it’s finest. 


  1. I love the thought of the blogs creeping out at night. As I told Merisi, in out part of the world we'd say that guy has a bug up his (ancient wrinkly) ass.

  2. Aaaah, thank you for the edification. So pleased to know I hadn't pressed the wrong button and somehow deleted your blog for you (impossible I know but nevertheless couldn't help thinking it). I look forward to reading the book. It sounds like your blog is so addictive for the poor 'wrinkly nuts' man that he is unable to resist taking a peek. You do have a talent, no doubt on that one.

  3. Sorry I missed that post Badger. Sounds as though it would have been highly entertaining! :))
    I often wonder myself, why these mean spirited bloggers don't just stop reading things that offend them. They obviously have nothing better to do than send all that negative vibe out into the ether, or where ever it goes. Surely they must know that it will just come back one day and smack 'em very hard in the face?? Or maybe even the 'wrinkly nuts'!!!! :))))

    and 'nature at it's finest' is adorable.

  4. I read a few blogs,I am very bored, and day after day there are comments complaining about the content. As the posters and avid followers are quite profane I read them to improve my vocabulary skills.

    Anyway, I read your blog to improve myself as I am in need of more education as I could barely understand what he was complaining about.

  5. "ancient wrinkly nuts"
    I did read the blog before you pulled it - what a sad old critter indeed.

    Part of the attraction of cats is their talent in feigning indifference. Until there's no food in the bowl, of course - then suddenly, one is necessary for their existence :)

  6. As one who knows the Badger, I can say that he is real!

    My GoogleReader trapped the deleted blog but not the comments.

    I'm surprised and disappointed by the onslaught.

    May mother duck raise all her ducklings to maturity. I follow another blog - - and Compostwoman has just lost three full-grown hens to a fox in broad daylight :(-

  7. Everyone: It is a sad tale. Has has occasionally gone wobbly before but left the rails completely this time. I hope I never reach the stage where I lose control so badly that I feel the need to lash out at my fellow travelers. I do hope he has someone around to keep an eye on him it sounds like he may need some supported care soon.