Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The mystery of the missing toner

Maria Island

We have solved the mystery of the missing toner cartridges. Well – after a fashion. The ever reliable Rozalin put her skills to work on this found that UPL had not in fact sent them to Australia.

They had been torn from the grasp of the people who were frantically trying to send them to Sydney and were then sent direct to Austria where they had been apparently delivered to us. Well - we had not received them.

Further enquiries elicited the information that the parcel had been signed for by Katzenjammers – was this name familiar to us?

Katzenjammers? Of course - the Katzenjammers are our neighbors. We always sign for each others packages – I will go and ask them if they have it.

Hmm… they don’t have it. We have a problem.

A few days later Frau Katzenjammer sees me again. Her husband signed for a package and left it on my doorstep – the usual practice. (He travels a lot and is not there very often.) 

Did I by chance sign for a package for them and leave it on their doorstep.

Well – yes I did. Oh No! This was his birthday present from his mother Frau Katzenjammer in Deutschland - and it has also gone missing.

Gott in Himmel! We have a thief in our Stiege.

Trust me when I say this is unusual. We have not lost anything since we have been here. 

Our part of the building contains only about  20 apartments and we all know each other – at least by sight. The Katzenjammers and us are the only ones on the top level and we never see anyone else on this level.

But you could hardly say the building is secure. There are many offices in the complex and hundreds of people have keys – and there is a – ahem – massage parlor  on level 2 but I don’t suppose that after a wax and polish the patrons are going to pop up and steal stuff from our doorsteps. So it may be people delivering advertising material – or workmen – there always seem to be renovating going on somewhere – but it is very disappointing.  

So the Katzenjammers and I have agreed that we cannot leave anything on doorsteps anymore. Ah this modern world.

Rozalin has told the Parcel delivery people and the Toner people - who have now said that if I sign a statement that the package was stolen they might send me some new toner and claim in on insurance.

That woman is a wonder. So I have signed this with alacrity and sent it off to Rozalin and await the outcome. I do hope that if they give me more toner that they do not send it to Australia.


  1. When we first moved into this house I ordered some lace curtains. When they didn't arrive I checked out the UPS tracking site and found that they'd been delivered. Hm. The next day a woman knocked on my door holding my parcel. It had been delivered to her house two streets away (same number, different street name) and she'd walked them over to me. That made me feel good about humanity. In our town anyway.

  2. I ordered some books for my Dad from the UK.
    I was amazed to see the journey they took to reach him (within a week).
    They got on and off planes and trucks at all these spots.

    Luton, GB
    Barking, GB
    Brussels, BE
    Louisville, KY
    Honolulu, HI
    Sydney, AU
    Brisbane, AU

    But kinda bad too.
    However, I WAS disappointed they didn't pass through Peoria.

  3. That sucks.

    Karma is going to be a real bitch to the Klepto!

  4. If it was truly stolen by someone I hope that person was shortly getting on an airplane to flee the country after a string of daring daytime doorstep burgleries and then at the aeroporte they accidentally get on the wrong airplane that takes them karma-inducedly to Australia. (While waiting for the captcha to fail on my iPad I noticed that I was thinking something similar to smedette, funny)

  5. I am telling you it was the massage parlor patrons, they are very shifty.

  6. I had such a witty response,
    but it would have worked only under "Anonymous" - too bad that button's not on! ;-)

  7. SK Waller: Nice people. Dyslexic delivery man.

    freefalling: astonishing.

    smedette: May his toner be streaky!

    esbboston: I coould probably find him/her on ebay selling cheap toner.

    fmcgmcclic:but they are all too shagged out to come up here afterward - and too anxious before

    Merisi: you had better send me an email