Monday, June 13, 2011

Starbucks stopped making coffee long ago

It was a public holiday here today for Whit Monday which is of course a religious festival. I make no comment about this lest I offend anyone. It appears that - for reasons which I cannot fathom – some people who believe in God actually read my Blog.

Cate is once more in Peoria from whence she rang to complain that she has to drink Starbucks coffee and could not catch a taxi.

I corrected her and pointed out that Starbucks stopped making coffee a long time ago – although they have recently started a chain of coffee shops – which are not branded as Starbucks – which are selling actual Espresso coffee – on the basis that there are people who want to drink that sort of stuff instead of coffee flavored milk with a range of syrupy additions and cream toppings – plus nuts.  Amazing!
Melissa is here from Paris so we are planning  a few excursions and a few outings to Sushi restaurants.

I have posted a photo of the newly potted plant. This is as good as it will ever look. I will post subsequent pictures of it in its death throes and as a corpse.

I have also posted a photo of Vienna today and one of Monika who I disturbed in the process of taking the photo of Vienna. She was not pleased and wished to be left in peace to finish her grooming. 


  1. I am not a fan of Starbucks. Which puts me in a strange position since very dear friends of The Husband work for Starbucks HQ in Seattle. The last time we were in Seattle I was able to enter the Giant Mermaid and get a tour.

    Felt like I was walking through the Death Star.

  2. Monika takes an excellent photograph, despite interruption!

  3. That first picture takes my breath away, gorgeous, fantastic, after imbiggiating it I almost got lost in it!

    Monika's portrait, wow! Her attitude that of a feline Audrey Hepburn - Holly Golightly! In fact, she is already dressed in that little black Givenchy number, ready to head to Tiffany's for breakfast. The Tiffany blue background of her portrait only underlines her status. Do I hear "Moon River" in the background? ;-)

  4. Ms Monika does know how to pose.
    So right about Starbucks. Though I do love their lemon poundcake and their cinnamon scones, so whenever in the States I grab a pastry there then hop next door to the Coffee Bean for liquid refreshment.

  5. smedette: The Giant Mermaid? Wow I cannot wait to do that! Has Bill Clinton been there?

    Sandy: She is a natural

    Merisi: Thank you so much. She definitely needs some pearls and champagne to complete the picture.

    NanU: I will give the lemon poundcake a try!