Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mum - they're picking on me again

The snow is pelting down today (or whatever snow does). Sissi bounded out onto the Terrace this morning and disappeared up to her ears. I dragged her inside and gave her a good brushing. 

I am indebted to PK for drawing my attention to this story. Once again we Atheists are under attack for having the temerity to suggest that that the mythical story of Jesus is indeed mythical.
I have no problem with anyone believing anything they want to.
If you are really stupid enough you can believe that the earth was created 6,000 years ago – or that giving tax cuts to rich people helps the economy – George W Bush believed both these things.
But I reserve the right too have my own beliefs – and to bang on about them – in a quiet and decorous fashion of course. 
I do  not – for example - have 19 SKY TV channels spouting the same bullshit 24 hours every day or a building with spires and bells on every second street corner or crucifixes hanging all over the place. 
All I wanted was a modest sign on four buses – yes JUST FOUR buses – suggesting that just perhaps I may be right – and all you myth believers go completely postal.
I think it suggests a degree of insecurity that the followers of the mythical Jesus need to hire a truck to follow my bus around to try to negate my quite inoffensive message.
Are you so unsure of yourself that you need to do this?
My personal definition of Atheism is ‘The willful refusal to believe in something that does not exist’.
I don’t need to prove anything to you. You need to prove something to me - and you cannot.
On a more practical note
Hunters bagged 589 bears during New Jersey's controversial six-day hunt, with a record 264 animals killed on the first day alone.
Almost 7,000 permits were issued to hunters, with each marksman entitled to bag one bear regardless of the animal's age or gender.
I read in a story that one woman said that her husband was ‘so excited at the thought of killing a bear that he was physically ill’
I can just imagine.

Now 589 bears for 7,000 permits does not seem like a very good ratio to me. Either these people are lousy shooters, are too busy vomiting with excitement to shoot straight - or do not have the right weapons.

If it was me I would use a Gatling Gun - the ones they used in Nam could fire 60,000 rounds per minute - or  Rocket Propelled Grenades - then you could probably get them in batches - or Napalm - you can cover a wide area with Napalm - and it serves the dual purpose of getting rid of all that pesky woodland which you can then use for shopping malls and parking lots. 


  1. Maybe all those gun carrying bear hunters were too busy driving around in 'trucks for Jesus'?

  2. bloody non believers and their bear-hating lack of faith making them shoot badly.

    If they truly 'believed' they would be much better at killing.

  3. "I still love you!" *chuckle*
    They do have a sense of humour.

  4. it's pretty wild to see the range of evolution going on right before our eyes. we have god fearing people killing bears and getting sick over the exciting prospect of it all, which says something really telling, seems to me. then there's people who voice some really logical and common sense notions about the universe and hunted. great post.

  5. Hi, I posted a comment quite a while ago saying how much I enjoy reading your blog. I read this article yesterday and immediately thought of this blog! Not only did I find the article interesting but the barrage of comments are something else as well!

  6. Thanks Laura. Ricky is just Brilliant.