Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas etc.

The flightless ice-dancing Maalie bird sighted near the Hungarian border.

Badger is taking a break and may return in 2011 if he is not devoured by Huskies and Reindeer in Lapland. 


  1. My friend, the Tassie devil, left Sydney last Thursday after six hour flight delay. After changing planes (Qantas to BA) in Singapore, she landed in Frankfurt. There, she was advised to take a two hour bus trip to Stuttgart because there would be a plane she could catch to Heathrow. She hoped to get out on Monday but I haven't heard yet that she made it:-(

    You don't need to go to Lappland - it has just about come to you, with -17 temps in the south of England, for example.

    Anyway, you'll be missed at tomorrow's Street Christmas Party - we'll try to make up for you!

    Enjoy your break...

  2. Enjoy Lapland Badger - I hope you find some ducks!