Monday, December 13, 2010

I give up - I just do not understand Oprah

OK I was wrong
The dryer people did not ring Tuesday to cancel the appointment – they rang Rozalin today to cancel.
The new appointment is for 22 December. Now if they don’t have the part by now I reckon the chances of them having it by 22 December are slim – so I am resigned to not having a dryer over Christmas.
This means Gwenyth and Melissa will have to share the house with the Clothes Horse. There are worse things in life.
I did pop into the Miele shop on the way home from the markets today and confirmed that if I bought a dryer I could have it before Christmas. But they are so horrendously expensive as to make the mind go blank.
You think ‘Can that be Euros? Am I perhaps in a shop in Jakarta and that is Rupiah?’
Honestly I just do not understand Oprah Winfrey.
Maybe it’s just me but there has been more fuss about her visit to Australia than there is for a visit by our Queen. 
I mean – we do not put a big Q on the Harbour Bridge for the Queen.
Streets have been closed off, barriers have been erected, policed leave has been cancelled, vagrants have been executed (I made that up),  the media has gone completely loopy with 24-hour coverage and politicians have been seen fawning and slobbering all over her.
Someone needs to tell me what it is.
She has a TV show in America and is really, really rich right? (Which means she is just about to get a really nice tax cut). 
Being really rich is good - but is there anything else I should know?
Could I just give you a couple of quotes from the frothing, blubbering coverage from the Sydney Morning Herald. 
One lady jumping up and down, rubbing her face in the anticipation of glimpsing the television queen, sent a policeman into fits of giggles as she tried to contain her excitement. Almost hoarse from screaming all morning, she said: ''I've got a headache, I feel sick, wanna vomit'
But it was apparently worth it. ''She looked at me,'' she said of Oprah, and then came the tears. ''She's unbelievable.''
Some of her fans were so overwhelmed by her presence that they sobbed.


  1. and she is dull too - really dull - I'm with you

  2. "I've got a headache, I feel sick, wanna vomit"
    Me too.

  3. Yeah, Oprah...I don't get it, either. Hoards of people are wondering what is going to fill the void in their life.

    We're doomed.

  4. For the new girl in Vienna, can I help a little, in the armed forces the expression is:

    "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?"

    And that's the correct way to spell whiskey...

  5. hey pk, thanks for that. although i'm quite aware of the meaning of WTF... my confusion was about the crazy behaviour over oprah visiting australia?!
    totally agree on whiskey. i do rather like a bushmills.

  6. Whatever. She's an even better promoter of OZ than the shrimp on the bbq campaign :-)

    Mind you, I'm not sure we really want to be swamped by the Americans who follow Oprah!