Saturday, July 6, 2013

We became fully immersed

There were many fireworks on the evening of 3 July and Monika responded by hiding behind the washing machine. She was much more blasé about things on 4 July and was largely unconcerned with the lunatics in the neighborhood who were trying to blow each other to pieces.

Most of it now seems to be over and the local fireworks shop has a ‘buy one get six free’ sign.

On 5 July we went to an evening open-air concert to see and hear Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra play – amongst other things – the 1812 overture - complete with fireworks.

Much patriotic music was played and we spent a lot of the time standing while songs were played and flags were displayed and paraded by honor guards wearing revolutionary and other period clobber.

It was quite a show and we became fully immersed – although we did not put our hands on our hearts when they play the Star Spangled Banner. We thought that as trainee Americans we may not be entitled to do this.

I had my first hot dogs since arriving in America and these were both unremarkable and entirely adequate.

Cate sent a withering email to the New York Times suggesting that they did not read or emails – did not care about us – and were not trying hard enough to fix our problem.

This hurt their feelings and they responded that they were indeed real people and were doing everything they could to fix our problem.

Meanwhile – in the 20 days since we started our subscription – we have received only one copy of the newspaper.

Desperation  is setting in and I am considering subscribing to the Indianapolis Star – the local journal of record. 


  1. What, o canons firing off during the 1812 Overture? Jim would have been so disappointed. ;-) I celebrated by not celebrating in order to give those guys in Utah a day of rest.

    Drove by Heumarkt today. Good thing I wore sunglasses.

  2. I wiLL publish my chili cheese hot dog recipe soon on my recipe blog. I almost have it perfected. It is fabulously messy and requires eating them (plural) with a fork.

  3. You seem to be a bit underwhelmed with our Grand Celebration of our America the Beautiful from sea to shining sea and all that. Not every hot dog is worth eating.

    I also take the local paper along with the NYT (only for the crossword) and various other papers, one needs to get a flavor from many sources.

    And just to show you what a lovely person I am I am boarding a Delta flight on Monday, will wonders never cease.

  4. With the lunatics that fire rockets in Vienna to celebrate New Year's (beginning in the middle of the afternoon) I am surprised that Monika was troubled at all.

    To me the NYTimes is unremarkable and (not) entirely adequate, but given the longstanding problem you seem to be having with delivery, have you considered an electronic subscription?

  5. Merisi: Apparently the lack of cannons was due to the sequestration!

    esb: they sound fabulous

    fmcgmccllc: Not at all - we loved every moment. You and Delta have such a wonderful relationship it should be a joyous reunion.

    Victoria: The lunatics in Vienna are not as bad as the lunatics here. We do have an electronic subscription but need to hear the sound of the newspaper rustling.