Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Here is not a good place to have tooth problems

So I got my tooth fixed temporarily on Friday. It was broken and in a parlous state so they said I would need a crown.

Before we entered into any tooth repairing processes they took my health care card and checked my credentials. They then discussed with me the horrendous costs for which I would be personally liable - to ensure that I had enough money. Only after I was able to convince them that I was good for it did they start on the tooth.

This is not a good country to have tooth problems.

They said as it was only temporary that I should not eat anything hard or anything sticky.

I was careful about this but it gave way while I was eating a piece of fish – which was not sticky or hard - so I had to go back today and let them have another go for which – thankfully – there was no charge.

My struggles with the New York Times continue. We have had ONE delivery since we started our subscription on 16 June. I sent them a very stern email today and they have gone quiet.

The cats are desperate to get outside and hover around the doors whenever anyone goes in or out. This is a real worry because we are on a busy road and they would certainly get squashed if we let them roam.

We are becoming experts at cat blocking – with legs and parcels – whenever we come or go. Even so – they have both escaped on a number of occasions and have had to be forcefully retrieved.

We are preparing to celebrate Independence Day - along with all the other Hoosiers - and might even go out to see how they do it. 


  1. Wow - you can't get sick, your teeth can't get fixed - I'm starting to think that maybe I don't want to move to USA !!
    I hope you get some answers about your newspaper soon - I think the black hole of e-mails must be filling up because I have sent a few to various places and had no response at all. On their contact page they say "Please get hold of us again if you haven't had a response in 48 hrs" well I have now sent 3 emails - am thinking it's too hard for them too and easier for them to forward my email to that black hole !!
    Have the best day !

  2. I cannot imagine your state of befuddlement. It takes time to find the right people and it seems you have no time. The NYT and Big Daddy had a fight too, we get Sunday home delivery and that seemed to sort it out, I read it on line and of course do the puzzle but it is nice to have the Sunday paper in print. We are having our small city fireworks tonight (in the past shop windows have been broken)and I am waiting to see how Sammy takes to this new fresh hell.

  3. I am just glad you are having a tooth problem instead of a teeth problem.

  4. Badger: You pointed out that, when your temporary tooth repairs gave way, you were eating fish. Let me guess what happened. I would imagine that you'd been enticed into dropping in at a local Long John Silver's place (no less than three addresses in Indianapolis) to taste their award-winning fried "fish of the day" delicacy, advertised as "200 grams of pure haddock fished in the icy waters of the North Atlantic" and hailed as "the biggest fish portion ever served up". The French press reveals that this tasty fish preparation has just been awarded the prize of the most greasy dish in America. A serving of this fabulous food really gives you value for your money:

    — 33 g of hydrogenated trans fat

    — 19 g of saturated fat

    — 3.7 g of salt

    Photos showing the fish nuggets in their frying pan look like a pile of dog turds. The CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest) apparently called this fish dish an "explosive cardiac cocktail". They also spoke of "catching a heart attack at the end of your fishing line". Concerning your tooth repairs that gave way, I would imagine that all kinds of chemical reactions started rapidly as soon as the greasy haddock came in contact with your repaired tooth. Be that as it may, carry on having good days in your adoptive homeland.

  5. Me: There is certainly a back hole at the NYT bit we are very tenacious and will keep going to see if we can fill it up.

    fmcgmccllc: I am certainly befuddled. Many things are a great mystery to me.

    esb: I could not afford to do more than one.

    William: Thanks. You have convinced me to eschew LJS. But my fish was a small piece of delicately cooked cod - at the finest restaurant in Indianapolis - definitely no grease.

  6. You explain that "my fish was a small piece of delicately cooked cod - at the finest restaurant in Indianapolis". Fair enough. You react like a financially-privileged nouveau-riche Hoosier who doesn't have to eat with the hoi polloi. And so much the better (to avoid the health traps of disgusting US food). But I can't help thinking back, between the blog lines, to a recent authentic time when a lovely man in the Lake District cooked you a simple fish pie.

  7. Thinking of you this morning, while reading about another countryman of yours, Clive James.

  8. William: Did I say 'finest'. I meant 'best'. It is a small place without pretensions or tablecloths but its modestly priced meals are the best in town.

    head in the sun: Hammer?

    Merisi: A wonderful man. Missing Vienna and you.