Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It will have the usual result

It’s hot today – over 92° (see how quickly I have adapted to Fahrenheit) but our air conditioning – unlike that in Vienna – works very effectively.

Nevertheless we have bought a ceiling fan for the bedroom as we both love these from our days in the tropical north of Australia. There is something very comforting about the sound a ceiling fan chugging away as we bask in the cool breeze below.

I had my first session of acupuncture yesterday. I am doing this because all remedies for my migraines – and I have tried everything I can - have failed. I can stop the migraines by taking certain drugs - but these make me so tired that I cease to operate and so spend my life in a semi-comatose state. 

I have no great expectations for acupuncture. The Chinese have been using it for thousands of years and I know it works for many people. But what the hell – at this stage I am willing to try anything.

The Escalations Department at the New York Times has escalated my problem to their Distribution Partners and to the Depot Supervisor. I am sure this will have the usual result.


  1. I am looking forward to hearing about your acupuncture results. I have eXtreme headaches that are only stopped by severe meds but luckily they are only about 1.5 times per month average.

  2. My Dad and I were not 1/2 an hour ago discussing his success with acupuncture. He had chronic pain in his shoulder for years and about this time last year had a crack at acupuncture.
    After only one session of acupuncture - gone! 'mazing!
    (my sister attributes this to Dad being 1/8 chinese!).
    It did not work on her sinus pain coz she is more watered down chinese at 1/16.
    But Vince who has had his noggin cracked open and radiated coz a tumour was growing in it and who suffered unbearable head pain, tried everything to no avail until acupuncture, which he had regularly for about a year. It fixed him up real good - and he's Italian!
    I have my fingers crossed for you.

  3. Badger: Once again, you might reply (as in the recent case of the history of the espresso machine) that my explanations are based upon unattractive things called facts, whereas yours are "more romantic" (?). I do admit, from the outset, that your story is certainly more painful than mine, for the simple reason that I'm fortunate enough not to suffer from migraines. Still, I have a right to advance my objective facts when you start to talk about ancient Chinese medicine... which appears to work better (according to one of your readers) if your personal dosage of "Chinese genes" (?) exceeds a certain threshold. Now that you have the good fortune of residing in a land of advanced medicine, I would hope that you pursue the quest for some kind of sound scientific treatment for your migraines... instead of dropping dumbly into quackery. Click here to see the outcome of a recent Chinese investigation into the possible effects of acupuncture in the treatment of migraines.

  4. Badger: Your apparent reticence concerning scientific medicine might be a reflection of our inherited Australian cultural heritage. Personally, I believe that I shook off this natal heritage definitively (no doubt more effectively than a Vegemite-eater such as yourself) when I decided to settle down in France, many decades ago. Meanwhile, click here to see how our dear Mother Country judges our "declining scientific literacy". I realize, of course, that you and I are exceptions, since we are both enlightened professed Dawkins-inspired atheists. But certain evil observers (such as me, for example) might see your acupuncture stuff as an ugly little fly in the quackery ointment.

  5. esb: You will be the first to know

    head in the sun: I am encouraged

    William: Ah yes....The problem with you William is that you are too sensible and practical. I am of course pursuing all options in the conventional sphere of medicine but I have been doing that for some time without result. I may try prayer. People with migraines will try anything.

  6. Badger: Since, in your eyes, I'm practical, let me give you some practical advice, for the case in which the Chinese medicine doesn't work: a link to a nice and amazing couple of compatriots in Queensland who are in direct contact with God. Click here for the Divine Truth, straight out of Kingaroy (the former home town of Sir "Joh" Bjelke-Petersen).

  7. William: Thank goodness not all of the nutters are in the USA