Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I just can't wait

After a month of not getting the New York Times we decided that we would also not get the Indianapolis Star - so we signed up for the printed edition which was due to start on 15 July.

This arrived on the Saturday and Sunday – before it was due to start – but has not arrived since.

Now we don’t get two papers every day.

We were thinking also about not getting the Washington Post but they don’t deliver to this area so we can’t not get it.

The New York Times still sends me daily emails – thanking me for my emails and asking me if there is anything else they can do for me – apart from not delivering the newspaper.

I can’t think of anything else – although I suppose they could cut off the iPad edition which I read online – or perhaps send someone round to give me a good thrashing.

They have now referred the problem to their ‘Distribution Partners’. I just can’t wait to see who they involve next.


  1. I think you should ask the NY Times to send you the Washington Post, even though appears to be imposTible. As a show of support, I too am not getting the NY Times. But I am running out of time currently, as there is pizza waiting for me across town ...

  2. "Now we don’t get two papers every day."

    Very, very tricky situation. All you have left, methinks, is waiting for a miracle. Or two.

  3. esb: I have not tried to get a pizza delivered but I am sure it would be easier than the NYT.

    head in the sun: Exactly

    Merisi: It will certainly need a miracle.

    1. My local Pizza Hut is veRy reliable and faster than the computer generated delivery eXpectation time better than 80% of the time. Their online app allows you to save your favorite pie configuration, and in my case select a choice of either my residential or business address for delivery.