Thursday, July 18, 2013

I intend to get to the top

It is a long time since I killed plants so on the weekend we bought some Hostas. They are on the front porch – in shade for most of the day so I think they might last longer than average – which for me is not that long at all.  I have the very best intentions of nurturing them but  I do tend to get distracted by the vicissitudes of life.

The highlight of my week so far has been the delivery of my George Foreman grill. This fabulous piece of equipment comes with removable plates which can go in the dishwasher. This is space age technology.  It has two ribbed grill plates, two waffle plates and a griddle. I tested it last night cooking salmon and it was brilliant.

Today we received the Indianapolis Star. We did not – as usual – receive the New York Times.

In response to my daily complaint the NYT has emailed “In response to your inquiry, we escalate this issue to the next level in our internal escalations department”.

No I don’t know how many levels there are - but I intend to get to the top. 


  1. I think Obama is the last and highest leVel ... He has killed people long distance and I feel certain that he wiLL take care of those error-ists.

  2. you need to take to the twitters...that sometimes gets things moving...

  3. The New York times better take the elevator!

  4. Will wonders never cease, Badger cooking Salmon on a George Forman grill. I cannot believe you got one, I am truly amazed.

    By the way, you need to plant the Hosta in the ground, in a shadier spot-although I have seen them in sun-and they will grew and take off and multiply. Hosta in the ground is really hard to kill. I have never seen it in pots. Our temps are in the 90's and we are watering the pots 2x a day and that is barely enough.

  5. Can't wait for the day you'll get into plank grilling, Badger!

  6. esb: I will write to the White House

    TNDW: There's a thought

    Merisi: Right to the top

    fmcgmccllc: It is ferociously hot here too. Our hostas are in pots and will have to do the best they can.

    Merisi: Ha - I already have my planks