Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Today the man came to install the fan. At least I thought he came to install the fan.

Javier thought our house was wonderful so I gave him a guided tour and then we had a cup of coffee while he told me about the house he had bought in Muncie for $9,500 – had spent two years and $60,000 renovating – and was now about to rent for $800 per month.

When he started telling me about his family in Puerto Rico and Cuba I realized that he was not seized with any great urgency for the task at hand so enquired about the fan installation. He told me that he was just going to give me a quote today and that the installation could only take place at some future date.

So we looked at the fan and the intended location and he said that it would not be a problem.

We were good friends by then so he called his office and made an appointment to come tomorrow for the installation. 

As he was leaving we discussed the weather and he said he hoped it would not be too hot tomorrow as he had to go into the attic to install the fan.


I said that we did not have an attic and he asked what was above the bedroom where the fan was going to be fitted - and I said the entertainment room you visited 15 minutes ago. Oh of course he said.

This caused enormous consternation and he spent the next 15 minutes with his tape measure figuring out how he could do the job. He said that it would be difficult but that he could do it - but may leave a couple of holes in the walls which we would have to patch.

He said he did not like making holes but sometimes he just had to do it.

In the meantime I have joined Costco which is a big box store where you can get a 2lb jar of minced garlic – or a case of 24 if you have the desire. But the prices are amazing – and they have Parmesan bagels - which are my new favorites.

So far the things I like best about America are the bagels and the wide parking spaces – but I am sure the list will grow.

The photo is of the squirrel after he had stuffed himself on the birdseed and was too shagged out to get back into the tree.


  1. There are a wide variety of things that I could eat that would prevent me from climbing up a tree. Almost anything reaLLy, even air. I s'ppose enough helium and a place to store would be a good assist. I tried to eXplain the concept of mechanical advantage to my wife a few days ago, but I am not sure she understood.

  2. Big Daddy banned me from Costco years ago, they have books and sheets and towels and clothes and diamonds and Grey Poupon all sorts of lovely things. I believe we also bought a yard light and teak furniture for the patio.

  3. *rofl* literally!
    That squirrel!!!!!
    Have to close the window, lest my neighbour thinks I am into something.

  4. @ fmcgmcclic:
    When I last visited DC, I did not visit Costco. That took a lot of will power.

  5. Excellent explanation for a very shagged out looking squirrel.

  6. esb: I could not climb a tree no matter what I ate.

    fmcgmccllc: I could have bought our TV there and saved $150

    Merisi: This is my brush with Costco and I am very excited

    head in the sun: I just love watching them

    Merricks: Thanks