Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vienna's smallest restaurant

Enjoy it while you can

Cate is in Johannesburg this week so that cats and I have been having our usual amount of fun. I don’t cook anything elaborate when Cate is away and survive on things like omelettes. This gives me more time for mooching - and attending to the needs of the cats.

It has started to get cool here and it won’t be long before I have to turn the air conditioners from cold to hot. This is a tricky business as they take a few days to switch over (the reason for which was explained to me last year by Ernest) so timing is important and it is difficult to gauge when we have had our last really hot days.

There is always that frisson of anticipation as we wonder for a few days whether or not they will make the changeover – or just wheeze and die.

I had lunch with Merisi yesterday at Böhle in the Wollzeile. This is – as far as I am aware – Vienna’s smallest restaurant. It can – if pushed – cater for 12 people – although not all sitting at proper tables.

The dining room is at the back of the fabulous delicatessen and there is one chef who cooks a wide range of food for the patrons. Indeed the extent of the menu is astonishing given that he operates entirely on his own – behind the counter in full view of the customers.

He is a delightful man who engages with all his customers and will – if asked – show a video on his iPad of his vast chili garden where he cultivates more varieties of chilies than I knew existed.

It is – all in all – a unique experience.

Incidentally – if you look at Merisi’s’ blog today you will see that she has been taking photos of MY ducks.


  1. Has he been trying to harvest your ducks? Now I don't remember if you told me the name of the tiny restaurant, sounds fabulous. My mother-in-law once had a fairly smaLL restaurant, I think it would hold maybe 20 people.

  2. Yes, you did give the name and a link to the restaurant. I checked out his website, and it is a rare fabulous place: it has D.O.M Bénédictine liqueur.

  3. The restaurant sounds lovely. And your kitty looks like she (he?) is in heaven. I took a picture yesterday of one of my kitties sitting in the open doorway, enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

  4. You have the most amazing view. It must be spectacular at night!

  5. I hope Cate enjoys Johannesburg more than I ever did - and that you get the air con / heater turned off / on on the right day so that you aren't sweltering / freezing !
    Have a great weekend !

  6. esb: No ducks were on the menu! I love eating duck but I hate it too - I feel like a cannibal.

    Wanderlust: Sissi is looking forward to the snow - she just loves it.

    SK Waller: I will try to get a shot when the hotels across the park have their Christmas lights on - and will send it to you.

    Me: Well all she does is work day and night so she does not actually see anything - so will not enjoy it much.

  7. esb; And to you - looking forward to the snow