Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I (almost) don't believe it

My ancient and venerable brother Burne - 78 yesterday

I am updating my various Apple thingies to the new software version iOS6 which replaces the Google maps App with the Apple maps.

There have been a lot of complaints about this but I understand that any new software maps App is going to have some bugs - so I think people need to get over it.  I seem to remember problems with Google in the early days?

Sure the Apple map App showed my iPad as being 90 metres from where I live but as I was looking at it at the time there was no real problem.

It is a small price to pay for having the benefits of Apple products (this will only make sense to Apple users).

There are much worse things than this going on in our very strange world at the moment.

I was idly looking at the FOX Network to see how many stories there were critical of President Obama (11) - when I stumbled across something called the Lingerie Football League

I was initially very skeptical because I thought that even a country that could give us Jersey Shore and Honey Boo Boo would be hard pressed to come up with something so grossly offensive that it shocked even me to my core – and it takes a lot to do that.

But apparently it’s true. Women play football in their underwear.

But surely there would be so many protests at something so misogynistic and so sexist that people would march in the streets in protest?

Apparently not.

These days it seems that anything goes.

(PS I am still not sure it is not a gigantic wind up).


  1. We're in deep trouble over here. Please send a good Viennese psychiatrist.

  2. My problem with IOS 6 is that it isn't available (yet?) for the original iPad, but I upgraded my iPhone 4S and 3rd gen iPad. But now when I try to find the older iPad through using the newer iPad it can not find it, even though they are in the same room and tied to the same router. I wiLL keep checking things trying to figure it out. I was sure that I had the finder software working before IOS 6.

    I do like the panoramic photo taking on the iPhone 4S, it works quite well. I am looking forward to capturing many landscapes of back home (South Dakota) on a trip soon. But I have lost my remote to the Apple TV and the siLLy device wiLL not display my output from my iPads as it used to do just fine, it even doesn't connect with the iPad running IOS 5 even after power cycling the Apple TV.

  3. I guess I finaLLy reset enough things that the Apple TV displays the things from both iPads, music, videos, and photos. Strangely the music didn't work until I got the video to play. The photos worked, but not the music, so then I tried videos and they worked, then when I tried music again it worked, bizarre!

  4. esbboston
    I think that's all far too technical for the Badger but...
    I never question how I made something work, just rejoice when it does!

  5. Annie: I thought that Badger was more knowledgeable at things Apple-ish than myself. I don't even have an Apple computer just yet.

  6. i have an asus eepad prime transformer with honey comb interface and ice cream sandwich...its a google thing and very good

  7. On Survivor, another fine television program here in the States, there was a Lingerie Football Player and the whacko, degenerate, red-neck, religious zealot declared her the devil incarnate as he was attracted to her and that was wrong-wrong-wrong. She had to go so he would not be tempted.

    I have never seen the actual games but I did see the pictures and it was nice underwear.

  8. I've heard about lingerie football and wasn't sure whether or not it was real. I haven't had cable in years so I'm hopelessly (gratefully) out of the loop when it comes to anything televised.

  9. Ah, bringing out all of our dirty American secrets.

    Why the hell are you watching FOX? I cannot be good for mental health.

  10. rockinkez: Exactly!

    SK Waller: You may need more than one.

    esb: I understand your problems. Often things don't work for no good reason - and start working also for no good reason that is visible.

    Annie: I am better with Apple than I was with Windows.

    simon: I hope you have a 30 pin plug for that.

    fmcgmccllc: Well I will ask SKY if we can get that here.

    Wanderlust: I am sure you have missed nothing you cannot live without.

    Smedette: I am sure there is worse out there. I watch FOX and it it online so I can keep an eye on them - and make sure it is still rubbish.

  11. The LFL doesn't appear much different from the beach volley ball (or the women's athletics) in the Olympics. On the other hand, the general scrawniness of the Olympic competitors seems to imply a different paradigm, but I still wonder about the required skimpiness of the Olympic costumes.

  12. PS. I think the Olympic sports officials, who decree that women runners and beach volleyballists should wear such skimpy costumes, are surely more perverse than those who promote LFL, where the girls seem to fill their bras and their britches and a wardrobe malfunction might be titillating.

    The hard bodies and hard faces (like those of malnourished jockeys) of so many Olympians are not at all attractive.... (I like a bit of eye-candy - male & female..) However I suspect I will not be watching LFL (not a fan of fighting for entertainment... I need to believe that the game is the thing.)

  13. I too have heard about LFL but couldn't believe anyone would actually play in their undies - clearly I was wrong !!!
    I haven't update to iOS6 because there are too many people who have told me how much they have lost and had to go and get new phones from Apple because they just won't work - some have said they needed to put their phone in the freezer for 30 mins before the wifi would work again !!!! With my technical (in)ability best I leave the upgrade well alone so I am not diving into the freezer every time I want to use my phone !!!
    Have the best day !

  14. Merricks: I am sure you are right. I wonder where we will go next with this sort of stuff?

    Me: I must be lucky. I have never had a problem with a malfunctioning iPhone in 4 years.