Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Jim

Cycling through Belgium

Our tour organizers had apparently decided to terminate the services of Captain Mart and Miss Elly after this trip. They had received so many complaints that  they felt they could no longer send clients to him.

However – his experience with us apparently pushed him over the edge. I think the final straw was Gwenyth’s crutches cluttering up his boat.

So as soon as we left the boat on the last day he sent an email to our trip people telling them he would not accept any more clients from them.

He is a very strange man and I shall say no more about him.

Next year we are thinking of France or Italy (again) and I am just about to start foraging for an appropriate trip. It will not be on electric bikes with death wobbles.

However – I may have to wait a few months until Gwenyth is feeling much better before I can persuade her that she needs to get back on a bike.

She is still in very poor shape with torn ligaments and has trouble walking and lifting her leg. I am not sure why she wants to lift her leg but I am sure there are good reasons.

Jim Murrant
I must send birthday greetings to my Sydney neighbour and mate Jim Murrant who is celebrates his 80th year on 12 September. He and his partner Annie are both keen sailors and Jim has in fact competed in 14 Sydney to Hobart yacht races – amongst many other sailing adventures.

Jim and I are kindred souls in a number of respects and – like me – he eschews religion.

We have shared a glass or two of red wine over the last few years but Jim has not been too well lately and has discovered that wine does not agree with him.

Fortunately he was able to move to whisky - which apparently has a most beneficial all round effect. I think this is an excellent move and I shall ensure next time I see him that I have with me a bottle of Jameson so that we can celebrate.

Happy birthday cobber.


  1. Septembrr is my favorite month. I had an uncle who had a birthday on the 12th, midway between two other relatives born in September. I haven't begun my search for Guinness just yet, but soon ...

  2. People like your friend Jim inspire me. Here I am thinking I'm up for being put out to pasture in a couple of weeks, and then I read things like this. But I will say this: when the day comes that I cannot drink wine, you might as well do me in and bury me!

    (Glad to hear Captain Bligh has been sacked!)

  3. What a lovely birthday sentiment. Your friend Gwyneth is much nicer than I; I would have beaten the crap out of the Captain and his lady with my crutches upon my departure. Then I would have claimed mental distress from hunger and cleaning fumes.

  4. Me thinks fmcgmccllc has pirate ancestry, argh, and I means that as a compliment, matey.

  5. On behalf of the Birthday boy:


    You may very well find despite the tragic loss of wine that in the circumstances whisky is infinitely preferable to death. Chin up for the future!

    esbboston and fmcgmccllc,
    Thanks for being part of my birthday.

    From Annie:
    It's 5 am here so have started celebrations with a cuppa - leaf tea of course. More serious celebrations will commence later...
    Thanks to you all!

  6. esb: My favourite months are any that are not part of summer.

    SK Waller: I am not worried about wine as long as there is Jameson.

    fmcgmccllc: We could have used you on this trip.

    Annie: Hope you had a wonderful day.