Thursday, September 13, 2012

A week of eating

My daughter Molly from Paris – and my Son Lenny and his partner Lenette from Sydney  – are visiting us at the moment and as Lenny and Lenette are both gastrophiles – as well as being sensational cooks – we have been savoring the delights of Vienna’s finest restaurants. 

On Saturday we visited  Silvio Nickol  a two-starred Michelin restaurant -and it was sensational taste experience - this review says it better than I can - and came away richer in spirit – and well pleased with the outcome.

On Sunday I cooked roast chicken – with honey and Australian spices and patates batasi – a Turkish recipe.

On Monday Lenny and Lenette cooked some dishes they had recently discovered at a short cookery course they did in Positano. I don’t remember the names but the flavors were sensational and memorable.

On Tuesday we went to Steirereck to which we have been before. This is also a two-starred Michelin restaurant. This was the best meal we have had at this restaurant and it was indeed – according to the ratings we gave it - better than Silvio Nickol.

The degustation menu at Silvio Nickol had some course which we rated 10 – but there was some inconsistency.

Our final extravaganza was at Plachutta where Lenny and Lenette savored the delights of Tafelspitz.

This is a classic Austrian dish which has been revived in recent years by Ewald Plachutta and is done everywhere – but nowhere we have found is as good as at Plachutta.

Everyone has now gone to their respective parts of the world and Cate and I will be focusing on eating as little as possible over the next week or so. 


  1. I understand focused non-eating, I am trying to go to only two meals a day when Tamie cooks a huge breakfast. You certainly gave us lots of things to learn about and savor in this post, nicely done. I am just avoiding the rain as much as possible today, it was a good thing I went groc shopping late last night when it was dry. I was busy herding pineapple plants yesterday, it was the optimal time for them to come back inside until neXt June.

  2. Funny how that works. I had so much wonderful, fresh seafood during my recent trip to California that when I came home, all I wanted was salads. Don't think I could get too much fresh citrus and avocados though.

    I miss dining in Vienna!

  3. esb: You mean they spend Oct-May indoors? I think you need tougher pineapple plants.

    SK Waller: Yes there are some wonderful restaurants in Vienna - although some of them are excruciatingly expensive.

  4. Badger: How can you give gardening advice, with your record?