Monday, September 24, 2012

Let's stick to the current system

Last of the summer sun in our courtyard

Cate has gone to Frankfurt for a few days.

The cats and I are partied out so we will just take it easy. I will spend some time frothing at the mouth about this.

It is really hard to imagine anything dumber than something like this.  Can you just imagine the gigantic goat thing that would ensue if laws against blasphemy were enacted.

The law is being pushed by those who believe that Islam is the one true religion - and that their invisible man who lives in the sky is really the only one to amount to anything other than a hill of beans.

Now what about the other 20,000 religions the are currently being practiced all over the world?

If any of them proclaimed that their particular invisible man was the one true God then they would by definition be blaspheming against all other religions.

Hundreds of millions of people would be blaspheming daily – and this does not include people like the Badger who eschew religion and is thus already on the infidel hit list of the radical Muslims – for not believing in something for which there is no evidence whatsoever.

Special blasphemy courts would have to be set up. They would be very crowded.  

Throngs of people would be clustered about shouting about how their god is the one true god – which of course is blasphemy to everyone else - except the Badger and his ilk. 

I guess it would be much like it is now except that there is currently no legal recourse.

It would be chaos.

On the whole I think it would be better to stick to the current system of killing anyone who offends your religion – and in some cases stoning non-believers to death.

Much more efficient – less paperwork.  


  1. The logical argument I like to make is that no one reaLLy knows what Moohammad looks like, so how is it possible to make an offensive image of him? Just always include a disclaimer, "This is No-hammad, my profit." The second argument is that you can make as many images as you want that s'pposedly blaspheme a prophet, but it is only at the moment they become visible to an offended party that the riots start. Or sillier yet, the images don't even have to be seen, they just have to tell groups of offendible people that the images exist, and the riots begin. The only thing I know to do is to continue living my peaceful relatively quiet almost happy life being naturally nice to others and helpful, hoping that my young relative soon returns home in one safe piece. At least he did some good by raising a bunch of money to buy about 100 soccer balls for the children of Iraq. That is a small contribution towards world peace that has been done locally here. Hopefully people don't start turning soccer balls into IED's.

  2. People who get their panties in a wad over other peoples opinions should be made to watch all the Real Housewives shows on a continuous loop until their brain explodes.

  3. esb: I too am going to maintain a low profile so that I do not offend anyone.

    fmcgmccllc: That would do it.

    rockinkez: You're back in disguise!

  4. God, How sick I am of religions and their right (and state upheld) duty to promote lies.
    I blaspheme, I blaspheme, I blaspheme. (And wish there were enough people with sense to do likewise.)
    (Feel free, Badger, to remove this should it offend Christians, too. I would not wish your lovely blog to be trashed by all and every believer in some immoral god.)

  5. Merricks: My Christian readers have tough skins.

  6. That's good. And somehow I managed to miss your beautiful courtyard. The cats are very lucky.

  7. Where is the Inquisition when you need them? Typically unreliable religious zealots. Perhaps you could start a religion for your followers Badger? If I ever get to Vienna we can discuss it...