Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You just never know

I have finally disposed of the dead plants – well most of them.

I have cut them right back to give them one last chance to come to life while we are in Australia. You just never know.

There is no point in replacing them before we go to Australia as any new plants would almost certainly die while we are away. I know what these Austrian plants are like.

I have given another 5 cartons of books to the Church shop. They are a bit overwhelmed by this as they don’t have much room - but they have told me to keep them coming.

Cate is more than half way through the culling task and will finish it off (I hope) when she gets back from Peoria on the weekend.

We had plans to stay in a lovely house in Maleny in Queensland with Cate’s mother - together with Cate’s  and her husband  - but the ancient and venerable mother – who is 92 this year – has fallen over and broken a femur so will be in hospital in Brisbane. So we will take an apartment in Brisbane instead so we can visit her.

I have started German lessons again. I had stopped these when I thought we were going to Dubai. I despair at ever being able to speak this execrable language but will carry on.


  1. If its any help, I found the German word for execrable: abscheulich

    Execrable kinda sounds like Scrabble to me, but doesn't reaLLy mean the same thing, unless of course you are forced to play Scrabble against your wiLL.

    I hope the bone mending goes weLL.

  2. if you are in sydney mate, I will shout you a beer