Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things are more relaxed here

Broome Western Australia

Things are a bit more relaxed around here now that I don’t have to worry about a move – and all the gruesome stuff that entails.

Still – I would be better at it this time. Our move from Sydney to Vienna was a bit of a shambles – particularly in the packing of boxes. Because we were moved by Ducky Pharma we had a team of removal people who came in and packed for us.

This sounds like a good idea.  It is not the same as packing yourself and is easier at the time  - but much more difficult later – i.e. when the stuff arrives.

See - when you pack you do it with unpacking in mind and you have a clear picture of where things go. You also pack similar things together. And you label the boxes with what’s in them.

Packing men are not like this. Their objective is to fill the boxes as quickly as possible with whatever they can reach. As I expounded upon in this blog.

So we are are spared this – at least for now – but I guess we will have to move again some day.

In the meantime we are going to Cyprus tomorrow so will have a bit of a celebration when we are there.

Japanese cemetery Broome
I hear that they have some nice clouds in Cyprus so I will try to blog  - and include photos. 

My last cloud photo in this series was taken in Broome, Western Australia in 2006.

This is the day we went to the Japanese cemetery. It was more than  40° - and I was reminded of it when we went to Dubai and were stunned by the immense heat that fries you to a crisp as soon as you emerge into the sunlight.  


  1. I'm really loving your cloud photos!

  2. yes the clouds are great mate.

  3. SK Waller: Thanks

    Simon: Thanks again