Friday, June 1, 2012

We never get bored in Vienna

Cate is back home at last and doesn’t leave again until – oh – tomorrow morning when she goes to Shanghai.

She will be gone for a week this time and then after a little while at home we get to go to Cyprus together.

I told you that I wanted to get a map of Cyprus for my Garmin car navigation system but baulked at the cost. Well – after giving it serious consideration I decided that it was something we should have.

The problem is that when we travel - Cate always drives – and this means that I am in charge of navigation. I am very bad indeed at this and am so bad at reading maps that I may as well take a cup with tea leaves.

The terrifying prospect of me trying to read maps while Cate shouts ‘which way?’ at me while she hammers along at full tilt finally convinced me that it was a worthwhile investment.

It will be more relaxing for all of us.

There has been quite a bit happening in Austria during the last week so I thought I should give you some highlights from the Austrian Independent:

A man fell into a ravine while having a pee. The most interesting thing about this is that it took 28 rescuers to get him out. 28! Who counted them?

A woman bit a two year old child after a road rage incident. I simply cannot imagine this scene – but the Austrian Independent has thoughtfully provided me with a picture of some teeth so I can start the process.   

A man was killed by a toilet roll while riding his bike. This demonstrates that you should never cycle while carrying toilet rolls -  (I never shall) or should wear a bike helmet. This continues the long tradition of Austrians finding new and exciting ways to shuffle off the mortal coil.

This is just in one week. No wonder we never get bored in Vienna. 


  1. I bought toilet paper yesterday. The brand we buy was usuaLLy available in a 24 roLL pack, but yesterday they started seLLing 36 roLL packs that are starting to get quite heavy. They are quite bulky and it would require some ingenuity to launch it accurately as a weapon. At least it wiLL serve as a waLL of insulation between the bathroom and the rest of the house, lowering air conditioning costs, and it was almost a dollar savings, 36 vs 24.

  2. The Austrians are funny lot, but the Viennese are downright eccentric.

  3. They don't really say just whom those teeth belong to, do they. Seems to be a lot of people biting people lately.

  4. You live amongst some of the most creative life-leavers I've ever read about. Well done.

  5. I read the English language news of Vienna by the "Austrian Independent" as a sort of Rorschach test of those who select them.

  6. Your rescue story far outweighs the standard Aussie roadworkers, who have one person working and the rest leaning on their shovels.

    BTW, lots of blokes fall of the back of yachts while having a pee. Must break the number one rule of sailing - one hand for the boat and one for yourself!

  7. esb: I am always on the lookout for specials on toilet paper at Spar!

    SK Waller: It's what they top best

    fmcgmccllc: I think the probably do not belong to the biter and are from a tooth model.

    Wanderlust: They are just amazing - they have long winters to think about ways to do it.

    Merisi: I think they make some of them up

    Annie: This bloke was clearly not a sailor

  8. angiv: Well - they were in the Austrian Independent - but I not sure if that makes them true!