Friday, June 22, 2012

Stupidity knows no boundaries

I have two things to report today.

Firstly – I am making some headway with my project to train Monika how to use the cat door. On Wednesday – for the first time ever – she actually used the door to come in from the terrace. (I have to open the flap to let her out).

Of course it is tragic to watch as she sniffs and scratches and pats the door for an hour or so before doing what she is supposed to do – i.e. push it and jump through.

I watched her doing this for some time on Wednesday until she eventually made the leap. Of course I was absolutely astonished and it brought a lump to my throat.

Now I just have to get her to go out through the cat door – and this will be a harder task – but I am mightily encouraged.

Secondly – there are more baby ducks in Stadtpark. This is the second crop this year and I am well pleased to see that so many have survived the rats and the cat.

Finally – as it is news day – and we have news that is unique here – I thought I should tell you about an event this week.

Continuing the theme of Austrians finding new and exciting ways to meet their maker I need to tell you about the man who cut off his own head with a chain saw.

Now I know you think – as I did - that this would be impossible.  But this entrepreneur found a way to do it by locking the saw into the ‘on’ position. This is never a good idea as proved to be the case in this tragic scenario. 


  1. I am not a lumberjack (and I'm stiLL okay), but it seems rather a bad idea to have locked 'On' switch on a chain, kinda like using brick on the floorboard for a cruise control.

    Perhaps Monika is looking for the words 'Entrance' and 'Exit'.

  2. Cut his head off with a chain saw?? what did he do? fall over with it? Or something more weird? I think I have heard of everything now mate.

  3. And I thought Oklahoma had cornered the market of stupidity. Did he do this intentionally? If so, that's quite a statement. Sigh. As Patsy Stone ("Absolutely Fabulous") once said, "No one chokes on their own vomit anymore."

  4. This reminds me of the teeth story, is that a random saw or the actual saw? Why publish a picture of a random saw, or random teeth? The saw does not look yucky so I am thinking random and I do find that suspicious.

  5. I also note with interest:
    That the - Sausage row has been settled with Slovenia.
    Thank god.

  6. esb: Or 'eingang' and 'ausgang' as she is Austrian.

    Simon: They are a weird mob here in Austria

    SK Waller: No I don;t think he did it intentionally - we just get some really dumb people here.

    fmcgmccllc: They either had to publish a pic of a saw or a severed head. I guess a saw was easier.

    freefalling; Yes another catastrophe averted.