Thursday, June 7, 2012

I am happy with my Queen

I have of course been enthralled by the celebrations for my Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and did in fact watch quite a bit of it – on the basis that there is not much else to do here at the moment with Cate being away.

When she is here I am kept pretty busy with chores and the getting of meals and coffee and such like stuff. So when she is not here I tend to sit and read or watch Golf – which she hates.

However – I found the Jubilee celebrations fascinating. There is clearly no mood in Britain for a Republic and they dressed up and turned out in droves to celebrate the occasion. Which of course is appropriate – what is the point of having a Queen unless you can dress up and wave flags at her every now and then.

There was – of course – an immense amount of grovelling and curtseying. I would expect the same had I been born into the Windsor family.

There is a strong Republican movement in Australia – and indeed there were some who thought the current Labor government would move towards that.

The majority of Australians want a republic – we voted on it some years ago – but the then Prime Minister – the villainous John Howard – outmanoeuvred the Republicans – who could not decide between a President elected by Parliament or a President elected by the people.

In the latter case it would be the latest winner of Australian Idol and in the former case we could end up with a failed politician. 

I am perfectly happy with my Queen. Sure we don’t have much contact – but she is perfectly harmless – has no real power – and draws tourists to London like bees to a honeypot. And – since she started paying taxes – costs the Brits almost nothing.

She rarely visits Australia and I have only seen her once in the flesh. This was on 5 March, 1954 when she visited Victoria and I was taken on a train - with many other school children - to Echuca where we awaited patiently – waving flags – until she and the Duke drove past.

But that was enough.

I am content to know that she is there and spends every waking moment on the job - thinking of the welfare of her subjects.

What more could one ask of a Monarch.


  1. Ah, yes. She came to New Zealand on that trip, and I did exactly the same as you, Badger - school outing on buses,flags, while she did the drive-past, etc. I did "meet" her when the Commonwealth games were held in Christchurch, along with Phil and Charles. All I can remember is the clarity of her complexion...

    I agree with you - as monarchs go, she's pretty good at her job.

    (but OMG wasn't the concert horrendous???)


  3. Alexia: Yes I wonder what the Queen thought of the concert - she had to sit through every gruesome minute.

    Rozalin: Exactly my thoughts

  4. That b/w photo is quite a stunner, Badger!
    Love all those prams, very British. ;-)

  5. when I was a young fellow I sang for the Queen. I think the majority of Australians want a monarch and I think its a fabulous institution. So I am not too sure about your comment re "the majority of Australians" mate.

    John Howard was our greatest prime minister next to Menzies and of course the Queen recognised that recently.
    Our worst prime minister was of course Gough Whitlam, and thank goodness the Governor General (representing the Queen), sacked him. It took Hawke and Keatings reforms and John Howard follow through to finally pay off Whitlams stupidity. Rudd and Gillard have returned us to that leftest mediocrity that all socialist crave.

    Remember- all men are created equal, some more equal than others...

    In order of merit:-

    1. The Queen
    2. John Howard
    3. Menzies.

    In order of the worst prime ministers in our history

    1. Whitlam
    2. Rudd
    3. Gillard.

    It matters not what order. We shall be paying for their lonnie policies for 25 years...

    Me? I shall be heading away this weekend to a wonderful Sheep and cattle station, with my union jack flags and plates to celebrate the greatest institution in the world that gave so much to so many countries.

    I shall have a cold VB for you mate. ;o)

    I did but see her passing by, yet I will love her till I die...

  6. I was in a Southern Baptist church around the time the pope was shot a long time ago, and the pastor used the term "our pope" when expressing concern for his recovery. Later my mother remarked, "Well, I guess he is the only pope we have got."

  7. There is a photo doing the rounds on facebook at the moment showing HRH sitting on a toilet. I was mildly insulted for her but confess I was pleased to see the photo for it is the ONE thing I have never been able to imagine her doing for some reason... Now my mind is at rest on that score.
    I'm still waiting for Prince Charles to find me and get out of the clutches of the horrendous Camilla.

  8. Merisi: They knew how to take photos in those days.

    Simon: I will scratch you off the list of potential Republicans

    esb: There are lots of Queens - but this one is mine

    Sandy: Can't wait for Queen Camilla