Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The beaches are not up to much

This is what they call a beach in Cyprus

An interesting feature about Cyprus is that there are no street signs. We saw street signs only once – in a tiny little village. But in places like Limassol and Polis and Paphos and every other place we went there is nothing. Zip! Cate asked one of her colleagues – who lives in Cyprus – why this was so and he replied that they did not need street signs because they knew where the streets were.

I am surprised the bother naming the towns.

But we had our navigation system – which while being almost completely useless – did enable us to find our way around and prevented us from getting hopelessly lost.

But much guesswork was required because it did not have in it any of the villages or streets we wanted to find – not one.

We stayed at the Anassa resort in Polis and were out of our depth again. It was a resort for rich people – who as it turned out – were mainly fat Russians. Well – the men were fat and the women were very thin.

Cyprus has been invaded by the Russians and there are even local magazines devoted to the Russian population.  

It is a quite beautiful country and has lots of ancient ruins. We explored the Mosaics at Paphos - which are quite spectacular.

It was also very hot so we could not do too much – but we had a nice little holiday before Cate started work again.


  1. Only now do I truly appreciate our long sandy beaches here in South Africa. :)

  2. Woow! I can´t believe, that town without signs?
    Sounds interesting!!

  3. I am thinking there must be a lot of Russians there because Cyprus is half 'rus' which is fifty percent of Russia.

  4. Well, it's not an Australian beach, but it sure puts the Kansas beaches to shame.

  5. Ruins, yes, Fat Russians, no.

    No signs is hilarious.

    I am always amazed where companies chose to hold their meetings, always such an easy location for everyone attending.

  6. flat surf mate..i guess we are spoilt here

  7. flat surf mate..i guess we are spoilt here

  8. Roly Clu: And in Australia indeed.

    GAVIOTA: Neither could we for a while!

    esbboston: Yes - that's right because the other half are Cyps

    Wanderlust: What's the surf like there?

    fmcgmccllc: Actually amazingly enough Cyprus is the best place for everyone at this meeting, go figure.

    Simon: You sure are. Although they do have an occasional storm which gets the surf up a bit.