Monday, June 11, 2012


Cumbria January 2011

Following on my recent fascination with clouds.

For many months now we have had a cloud hanging over us. There was a restructure in Ducky Pharma and there was a suggestion that we should go and live in Dubai.

Indeed we went to Dubai to have a look.

It is a bit like Vienna except it is a bit hotter.

As far as I can see there are no Ducks.

So after all the toing and froing it has been decided that we will stay in Vienna.

Leaping Lizards – are we pleased about this!


  1. Congrats on that one, and "it is a bit like Vienna", oh I think not. That is like saying that chocolate is a bit like strawberry, well they are both flavors.

    Some guy called into WJR this morning from south of Shanghai and said they had the first blue sky of the year.

    I have to go count bugs now.

  2. Such a gorgeous sky, with crepuscular rays!

    So glad about the good news!

  3. Hmm - Vienna or Dubai.. let me think...

    I have only been in Dubai airport, twice, briefly. But I would think it's no contest - I would hate to live there.

  4. Oh, and I'm really enjoying all of your clouds!

  5. Australians in Austria makes total sense. In order for it to make equal sense for someone to move to Dubai, they would need to first live in Dubalia.

    Austr-al-ia -> Austr-ia -> Austria

    Dubai <- Dub-ai <- Dub-al-ia

  6. Oh, I messed up, it should be Dubalai, right?

  7. Yes I am pleased with this also! BTW I have returned from a well deserved break over the queens birthday long weekend, where I had a cold VB and the Union Jack flags were flying in her honor mate! Got a great bird list as well... not a cloud in the sky so nothing to report there!!

  8. It's not just a bit hotter there. I hear it is usually above 40C and seldom rains. Vienna must be waaaaaay better :)

  9. fmcgmccllc: It's a bit like Vienna in that they have buildings and people. Not much else is the same. Blue sky in Shanghai - how did they manage that? Good luck with the bugs.

    Merisi: It was one of the loveliest sunsets I have ever seen.

    Alexia: There is no need to venture beyond the airport - trust me. And thanks.

    esbboston: I think even the cats are pleased. Dubailai is correct. But wherever it is I don't want to live there.

    angiv: Yay indeed.

    Simon: I look forward to the bird pics.

    David: Yes - for everyone.

    Roly Clu: Yes it was 40 when we were there a few weeks ago - and it is still Spring. It can reach 50!

  10. if YOU think you are happy you should have seen the party i threw last night .. the queens jubilee was NOTHING in comparison!!

  11. Rozalin: We had a happy time here as well!