Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where is Keegan?

Cate goes to Paris on Sunday and I follow on Tuesday. Grizelda the regular cat minder is away so Rozalin is going to look after Muffin.

Rozalin’s cat Mogli is apparently a lot like Muffin in the sense that she prowls around the bed at night and keeps Rozalin and her husband awake.

Cats are good like that. They can sense when you fall into a deep sleep so know exactly when to do those essential housekeeping things like – for example – licking themselves from top to toe – with the appropriate sound effects.

Billy could suck his toes so loudly it sounded like owls being fed into a blender.

If this fails to wake everyone up there isn’t a cat alive who can’t cough up a fur ball under the bed at 3:00 AM – or find an imaginary mouse to chase around the house for 15 minutes.

As I am with Cate on this occasion in Paris I will be in a proper hotel. There will not be straw on the floor and I may get a chocolate on my pillow.

Cate will be busy for the first few days so I will beetle about pretending that I can take photographs.

With luck Melissa may be able to take some time away from her PC and we can go to cemeteries and photograph cats.

Billy (the car) has changed to summer tires and apparently looks splendid. This is very exciting and will be the first time he has been properly kitted out with his real Mercedes Benz wheels. These – I might add – are very heavy – and I had to carry them up from the basement and stuff them into Billy ready for the big day.

I seem to spend a lot of time struggling up and down from the basement with really heavy things. Last week I had to take the unused firewood down there.

The weather in Wien at the moment is just fabulous – and I am really sorry I have missed two days of cycling. However, on a sadder note The Austrian Times has reported that

“Twenty-four people have died in avalanches in Austria so far this winter/spring season and one person is still missing – slightly down on the average number of 26 deaths in past seasons”.

This is in addition to the many, many people who have died on the ski slopes. This place is more dangerous than Afghanistan and they could use most of Austria as an SAS training camp. I will take my chances with sharks, crocodiles, spiders, snakes and Irukandji any day over the ski slopes in Austria.

We are going to the Anzac Day service at Karlskirche on Friday. This is being organised by the Australian and New Zealand embassies. We have joined OzCon which is a group of Australians – none of whom we have yet met.

Reviewing my Blogs over the last few weeks (very briefly mind you) I find that they are universally dull and uninspiring. Look – I don’t think it’s just me. I think my life is dull for other people. For me it is fabulous! This is the nature of Blogs.

Wien is wonderful. I love every day here. I walk out of the bedroom in the morning and stand naked on the balcony (try not to imagine this) and see the city in front of me with Stephansdom and all those other churches which Cate knows the names of and I don’t – and my heart sings (well…you know what I mean).

I know that soon I will be out there amongst it mangling the German language and creating havoc everywhere I go.

There is always so much to do. Drive Cate to work, clean out the kitty litter, do the shopping, empty the rubbish, drink coffee, read the paper, write the Blog, learn German (groan), counsel Muffin, prepare dinner.

For you it’s boring – for me it’s bliss.

If you can’t stand it any more sign up to Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter thingy.

And by the way – where is Keegan? He hasn’t commented for weeks.


  1. The more I read your blog, the more I am becoming aware of the dangers lurking around here! I sure hope I'll recognize a ski slope when I see one.

    Is it safe commenting on your blog? ;-)

  2. You know what sound owls make when they are being fed into a blender, that's evidence in itself you don't lead a boring life.

    Yes - this time we have to hunt the cats in Père Lachaise!

  3. I find your blog interesting - everyday life on the other side of the world !! Very different from my day to day existence in Canterbury. As for Ashton, I can't keep up - he goes to fast for me - he just about tweets 24/7.

  4. please take as many photos as you can of cats and cemeteries and cats that live in cemeteries. they are most enjoyable to look at. are there any other places in paris that cats congregate in large numbers?

  5. I hoot and shriek at your blog.

    Is "Rozalin" aka a pharmaceutical?

    I love owls.


  6. Merisi - ski slopes are slopey things with white fluffy stuff on them. You will know one when you see it. It will be covered with the bodies of dead Austrians.

    KP - You follow Ashton's Twitter?

    Lenny - I am not sure, Melissa will know - perhaps there are some in the bars she goes to - we will check it out.

    mrs - Rozalin is a real person (but that is not her real name) and she is a treasure without whom we could not survive. Owls are my favourite creatures and I rarely feed them into blenders.

  7. lol, sorry! Ive been busy with uni... Turns out it paid off, i got 40/40 where the average was 23.9!

  8. You are a true Champ and soon you will be a Mag. like me. When do you finish?

  9. Masters is done in DEC 2011, i might overload to finish sooner though...Then i might end up doing the CFA thing, not sure if I need to though, too far away for me to really care.

  10. Hi Phillip. Just have to say that your musings are never dull or uninteresting! You have the knack of making even the smallest activity hilariously funny. Keep it up! I love reading them though the people that I sit near often want to know what the hell I am reading as I roll around laughing!