Thursday, April 16, 2009

We have kitten lift off!

We went to the Dermatologist today (together) for a check up. We had made an appointment for 10:15 but, as with other Doctors we have seen in Wien, appointment times are meaningless – and I really have no idea why they make them.

We arrived at 10:15 and there were 7 other people in the waiting room. After sitting in the waiting room for 10 minutes I checked with the receptionist and confirmed our worst fears that these people were going in before us. So we left.

Cate had a telephone call she had to take at 11:15 and there was no way we would have been out of there before 12:00.

If I ever get to see a Doctor who does make appointments – and then ignores them – I will ask the reason for this bizarre ritual.

The more observant among you will have noted that I was going to join a Gym – but have not mentioned it since.

Well. I was just about to go when Muffin attempted to murder to me so had to postpone it on account of looking bad and feeing worse.

Then I started bike riding – which I do now every day – and this is excellent fun. Wien has hundreds (possibly thousands) of kilometers of dedicated bicycle paths and I am exploring these – sometimes with Cate but usually on my own.

Today I rode all the way to the end of the Donaukanal Radweg (Donau Canal Bicycle Path) then across to Donauinsel (Donau Island) and back up this to the Prater. Total distance probably about 25 kilometres.

The Donau Island is an artificial island. It is 21.1 kilometers long and is just wonderful for walking and cycling.

They have an annual festival there which we shall see this year.

The NSW State Government would hate it and would have teams of people digging pits with sharp spikes in them and setting bear traps for cyclists. No – what they would do would be to have car racing on it – with lots of fireworks.

Anyway – cycling works. I am feeling really good and losing weight and look fantastic – I have to beat off the girls (well women really – older – well much older - OK ancient women - but I have to beat them off – well not really but Gee I look good – all things considered) Not that I was fat mind you – I am only trying to lose 5 kilos.

Of course my old knee football injuries are emerging again and I think the day may not be too far off when I will have to have some surgery.

This will be a challenge – how do I get up and down the stairs to feed and water Cate when I am in plaster and she is in her study?

I may have to rig up a system of baskets and pulleys – or cut a hole in her study floor.

The Kitten Acquisition Program Officer has been hard and work now for a LONG time – and has been under considerable pressure. I am please to report that we have lift off - but not in the manner anticipated.

More soon………..


  1. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your latest updates! :-)

    Have you been over to the Volksgarten?
    The lilacs are blooming. ;-)

  2. The Lilacs are blooming in our Park also. Good for you and your bike riding.. I am walking alot more now but need to step things up a bit more. Good luck with Doctors and kittens!

  3. I shall go on a Lilac expedition tomorrow on my way to buy coffee!

  4. Biking is so much better than going to a gym. You're outdoors and breathing fresh air, not recycled airconditioned stuff. Also the scenery changes as you go along so is much more interesting. And you have to engage your brain to avoid other cyclists. Stationary bikes make time pass s l o w l y . . . and riding b o r i n g . . .

    Don't tell my you're getting a pregnant cat? I await developments.