Tuesday, April 21, 2009

KAP Update

The Blogger has a bad cold and was not able to cycle today (sob) and has had also to cancel his German lesson tomorrow.

The Blogger is not well and is not happy so there will be not much to report today.

However – I am now able to provide a reasonably authoritative update on the KAP. After much searching the KAP Officer came up with four kittens – only one of which was a girl. However, the mother had been abandoned and needed a home so we have decided to take on the mother and her girl baby.

The mother is called Moni and we are going to see her and her babies on Saturday. They live near the airport. We won’t be able to get them until we get back from Australia in July but we will show them pictures of the apartment and their sleeping accommodation.

I will tell Moni that the lounge is cream leather so she can start sharpening her claws – and training Junior.

We have talked to Muffin about this and while she is not dead keen we think she will be OK as Moni is only two and seems very nice.

We (of course) have to be inspected by the current owner to make sure that we are suitable. Where else but in Austria would you find a stray pregnant cat by the side of the road, then find a potential adopter, and then want to inspect them and their apartment to make sure they are suitable?

Rozalin pointed me in the right direction ( and I am now the proud owner of a transparent Katzen-Schutznetz. That’s right – a cat net.

It is well know that all Austrian cats are jumping cats and just can’t wait to get to a terrace so that they can leap into space and fall to their deaths.

This is intended to prevent this type of occurrence although we will probably have to hide all the sharp implements so that they can’t cut their way out.

Moni of course will have to keep her name - but we will add some. And we need to name the baby.

We have been working on this for some time and at the moment have excluded only John and George - other than that anything is possible.


  1. Sorry to hear you're not well :(

    Glad you're only taking on two females, the whole family would have been too much. First and only thought so far in the naming department for Moni. Moni, short for Monica (Lewinksi?) or possibly Demonic...

  2. Cate has ruled out Moni. We are thinking of something more European.....