Monday, April 20, 2009

The iPhone workshop is in Ouagadougou

More pics of Ljubljana

Cate has pointed out to me (and is quite correct) that the NSW State Government would not put a car race track on Donauinsel.

They would of course sell it to developers for apartment blocks – in exchange of course for some worthwhile donations.

The widget that mutes my iPhone fell off on the weekend so I went to T-Mobile today just to confirm that – for reasons which would become obvious if I read the fine print (but this is in German) this particular part of the iPhone is not covered by warranty.

Well the man shook his head sadly and did confirm this - and I think the situation is that:

It is not covered under warranty because it is a widget which – while part of the iPhone (indeed a very important part) it is not actually IN the iPhone so therefore is not REALLY part of the iPhone, or

I voided the warranty when I took the iPhone out of its box and turned it on.

Either of these two answers achieves the same result so I am plugging for number two because it is more elegant.

However – if I leave the iPhone with the man he will send it to the workshop and they may fix it under warranty (he did not say why they would do this but I suspect he does not know much about warranties and always used the default NO answer) but if they do not it will cost hundreds of Euros and will take two weeks.

I am guessing that the iPhone workshop is in Ouagadougou and the main expense is the Camel Train and the overtime for the drivers.

He provided me with a number of incentives not to leave the iPhone with him.

Without the widget it is possible for me to use the muting button by prying it open and closed with a Stanley knife but this is not something I want to be carrying with me when I travel – particularly flying.

Unfortunately there is no software solution to his problem so to mute the iPhone I now have to turn it off or go into its settings and turn the ring sound down. However, I will manage.

As an illustration of how important and powerful Cate is I am letting you know that last week she sent a message to one of her staff asking this person to print a document for her.

She inadvertently sent the message to some poor sod in the Singapore Office. This person checked who Cate was, and thinking this was a test to see if blind obedience could triumph over common sense (an essential requirement in any organisation), printed the document, sent it by courier to Cate (in Vienna) and emailed her a copy of the delivery note.

This person is now eagerly awaiting the next test so Cate is thinking of something really tough. (e.g. can you change the ink cartridge in my Mont Blanc fountain pen? Certainly Ms Cate – what model is it - I will be there in 16 hours).

When we drove to Slovenia Cate hammered – HAMMERED - down the A2 and back again and there was not a policeman in sight.

Whereas I was beetling along at 70 inside SCS – and I might say going at the same speed as all the other cars – and received my second fine for speeding – this one for €20.

There is something wrong here. Am being victimised because I obtained my Driving Licence under false pretences? Well Cate did too – in fact she is legally blind and at least I can see the white lines on the road.

I have now explored fully the Donauinsel from end to end. It is 22 kilometers long and is delicious. There are a few ghastly bits where they have really tacky things (as every park like this in the world does) but overall it is just fabulous.

I have never seen so many cyclists and roller bladers out and about – on the weekend and on weekdays. I just love it. I cycled for 2 ½ hours today and then went for another cycle with Cate when she got home.

Today I saw two topless women sunbathers (each of whom was no less that 70 years old and I am being generous) and one naked man who wandered across the road in front of me carry a plastic Billa bag which contained (I hope) his clothing.

My legs are taking on a life of their own and when I die they are going to have to club them to death so they can be with me.


  1. I love the idea of the printing test. The staff member wouldn't dare question such an instruction!

    It's not fair is all I can say about your second speeding fine. But, there again, (she says self-righteously) you were exceeding the limit.

    What about the two tiny bundles of fluff? An update, please...

  2. Yes but I only just speeding (for Austria.