Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Muffin likes the new outdoor furniture

In addition to not being able to read street directories one of my many failings is being able to comprehensively massacre travel bookings.

My failures in this respect are legendary (although Cate is not much better).

My worst one to date is our trip to France in 2007 when I booked a British Airways flight London-Paris return and was able to get a Business Class return fare for 10 Pounds per person. What a clever Badger I thought!

When we were actually in Provence closer examination of the tickets revealed that our return flight arrived in London the day after our flight left for Australia.

So I had to buy new tickets – Economy Class – for many hundreds of Euros to get there on the right date.

I sat there in Economy Class seething at the people up front sucking on their Champagne and munching Duck Gizzards or whatever they were.

I ate a stale bread roll that looked like it had been warmed up by being clenched between the flight attendant's (Stop - that will be quite enough of that thank you - this is a family Blog!)

Last night I booked part of our trip home – with the inevitable result – but Cate discovered the fatal flaw very quickly and I was able to fix it without penalty.

(Tip - you have to be somewhere before you can leave it!)

The outdoor furniture has been delivered (in boxes of course) and has been assembled.

It has only two major flaws – it is the wrong colour and it is too big – but other than that is perfect and meets none of Cate's expectations (It was never going to).

Importantly – Muffin likes it – especially the seat cushions and is munching Katzengrass so she can start vomiting on them and break them in.

My face is much better and I can now go out without a bag over my head and Cate is happy to walk beside me again. My headache is gradually receding and most of my other wounds are mending – although I think I will have the bruise on my arm for sometime yet.

We have been riding for an hour every day – usually through the Prater and back along the canal. Takes about an hour and a bit and makes our bums very sore. I suppose it does us some good.

I plan on doing this every day until I get fit and lose weight – or die – whichever comes first.


  1. I'm so glad that Muffin is now eating the Katzengrass. Initially she showed no interest. Do you think that her attempts to please Cate by recolouring the furniture will succeed?

    Today is Hot Cross Bun Day. Jim and I make them for Molly and Nea. I deliver them still warm from the oven. Nea's already reminded me that it's HCB season - in case we'd forgotten...

  2. I don't think we have HCBs here - there are lots of other things including special breads with raisins. It's also a bad time for real Bunnies as a lot get eaten (these people are barbarians -who would eat the Easter Bunny?)

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