Thursday, January 8, 2015

It suits me just fine

It has been well below freezing here for the last couple of days. At the moment it is 6° - and they say that with wind chill it is -25°. In some parts of the USA it is a lot colder than that.

In the meantime in Perth WA it was 44.4° centigrade and some things – including computers systems -  started to melt.

We had about four inches of snow a few days ago and it is still with us. I had to take Gwenyth to the airport yesterday – she is going to see friends in Minneapolis – and Cate made me take her car because it is AWD and she was worried about me on the slippery roads with the mouse-mobile.

It also has heated seats and a heated steering wheel. This suits me just fine in weather like this.

Lynette – one of the girl squirrels – was out eating the bird seed yesterday - but I have not see Marjorie, Angus or Moshe for days. I imagine they are tucked up wherever they go to tuck.

Marjorie has worked out how she can launch herself into space and land on the bird feeder. She clings on with all paws while she munches the seed. The other squirrels cannot do this and content themselves with grazing on the seed that falls to the ground. 


  1. Went to work this morning in the new Ford Escape and the temp was 0 when I arrived, minus 2 when I checked around 10 and a roasting 7 when I left.

    Back to the white gravy, I have an excellent recipe that is highly dependent on black pepper. This is one of those once a year recipes. I serve it with sausage and biscuits. Have not made it yet this year.

    Work is worse than ever.

  2. I love it, I have neVer heard of someone naming their free range squirrels, that is too cool. I think a girl squirrel should be caLLed a 'squirgel'.

  3. I read on "I f***ng love science" that parts of US and Canada are colder than Mars at the moment!!! Wonder if parts of Australia are hotter than Mercury...
    Stay warm... Love that photo too

  4. fmcgmccllc: It was like that here as well. I look forward to the white gravy recipe.

    esb: And the boy could be called a squirman. WE have not named our birds - there are too many.

    Sandy: It is certainly damn cold. You only venture out when you really, really have to. Monika lies on the heating vent all day.