Friday, January 23, 2015

I think it is unfair

I think it’s unfair that the party not in power in the White House has to attend the State of the Union address from the President.

They all have to sit there po-faced while the President skites about what he has done and what he wants to do. They cannot clap unless the military is mentioned and must sit there in grim silence for more than an hour sitting on their hands while the other party shouts and screams and claps and gives standing ovations.

The Leader of the House has the worst job – he has to sit behind the President -  in full view all the time - and try not to look like he would rather be anywhere else – including Mars – and has not just eaten a very large portion of cat poo.

He failed on both counts. 

It is great theater and I love it.

Everybody knows that nothing at all will get done in the next two years but the Presidential race is starting already - yes I know the election is not until November 2016 – and it should be great fun.

The photo shows the Cat Lookout in all its glory – and complete with cat. It is a rousing success so far. It gives the cats an unparalleled view of the squirrels and birds and they can nap while the action is happening outside.
There is room for only one cat – I may have to build a double-decker.

In the meantime – in Indiana – there is a group trying to get approval through the state legislature that will allow alcohol sales on Sunday. 

Yes – Indiana is the only state in the Union that does not allow alcohol sales on Sunday.  

No this is not because of religious reasons but because the small liquor stores – who are the only people who can sell cold beer (supermarkets have to sell it warm) have had such a powerful lobby. I know it does not make sense but it is Indiana.  

The woman running the program for the Republicans just had to resign because she was caught driving while tanked. 

Someone called Rick Owens had a fashion show in Paris and displayed his Penis Coat. This is a coat that opens at the front so everyone can see your willy flopping about.

What a bonzer idea – I may get one – I can think of a few places in Indianapolis where this would go really well.


  1. Wow. This is a hilarious post,full of astonishing information about what has to be one of the weirdest places in the galaxy.

    Thankfully, it did contain one sane item - the cat.

  2. Well said, Alexia. And everyone knows that cats rule!

  3. I had just seen the bit about the Paris fashion show about an hour ago. It sounds a bit bizarre.

    I am glad the cats have a view outdoors. Cooper seems to understand glass and mirrors. When he was being veRy attentive yesterday I eXplained that snow is water. By his eXpression, ears, and tail wag, he seemed to convey amazement.

    I must nap now, the machines have needed repairs today ... I doze off while listening to biochemistry lectures on youtube; great fun!

  4. Lovely cat lookout. I have 2 for mine, one in the lounge where I put a narrow shelf along the window sill where they love to gaze on the front yard (but take turns) and I put a pillow on top of the washing machine which gives them a view of the backyard.

    Please include photo of you in your penis coat in next post. You are funny...

  5. Whoever would believe Indy was such a trend setter and a driver of new thoughts and innovations.

    Like the cat pic though.

  6. Oh, but you haven't been to Connecticut, then, where you can't buy alcohol on Sundays nor even on weekdays after 8pm. Up in Massachusetts I believe it is the same, but Bostoners can hurry over the state line to New Hampshire if they are in need. They do a great business just over the border! I am not sure penis coats are allowed there at all.

  7. Alexia: The mid west is a bit different from most places.

    Annie: Our cats certainly do.

    esb: My cats do not really understand snow. We let them out yesterday when it was cold and snowing and they hurried back inside. They used to love it in Vienna.

    Sandy: Wow - I will have to think where I can pit another lookout.

    fmc: Indy people are capable of anything.

    NanU. Oh I diod not know about Connecticut. I though we were the only ones. I know there are some counties in Indiana that are completely dry.