Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Help a baby elephant

Today my task is to ask for money. Not for me but for elephants.

As I have mentioned before - Cate has decided to participate in a 7 day walk across the Sahara desert in Jordan.   

It is part of the 4 Deserts race series – and yes, there are people even madder than her who do all 4 deserts in one year. 

She will spend 8 to 14 March trudging across the desert with all her  belongings on her back for 150 miles. The penultimate day is 56 miles.

When she arrives in Petra I will collect the remains and deposit them in a delicious hotel to try to bring her back to life.

We have been supporting the extraordinary work of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for some time – ever since Cate’s sister in law visited their refuge outside Nairobi. 

Coincidentally it turns out that the US Friends of the Trust are actually located here in Indianapolis. 

I won’t try to describe the work they do as I cannot do it justice but please take a minute to watch a very short video about the rescue of Ndotto.

If you would like to help baby elephants this is Cate’s page.


  1. You must be very proud of her, Badger.

    That's a great cause.

  2. I'd love to help a baby elephant. Shared on facebook.

  3. Alexia: I sure am - and I am so glad I am not doing it. Thank you for your donation.

    Freefalling: And thank you so much too.