Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Try code blue

I was apparently operated upon for three hours during which time they tracked down and removed my abscess and put four pounds of staples into my skull.

I was knelt upon at some stage by a large number of people who apparently beat me bloody with sticks and caused large contusions on my head - which are still with me.

These gangs of marauding thugs had the temerity to visit me hours later to tell that the operation had been a success and that my brain was just like it was.

(This was not necessarily good news for Cate).

More of the hospital stay later.

I stayed in hospital for six days and was released on Tuesday. I have a PICC in my arm and Cate gives me twice daily injections of clear muck, brown muck and green muck and I take pills of various colors and sizes.

This will go on for months.

I can’t actually do anything but so just sit around watching Biggles gurgle.

I am having a wonderful time.

Yossi and his parents are coming on Sunday.  Lizzie is here now. And they said you will never get anyone to visit Indianapolis.

Well try almost going code blue – that works.


  1. I think when you hear about what surgeons do to you when you are under is very scary !!!
    Hope all the muck helps you heal - take care !

  2. Oh my!
    You don't do things by halves!
    I didn't even know you could get an abscess on your brain - that's very special.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. I am glad for your Biggles time. I got nothing done today eXcept some legal work. I am hoping you can bicycle soon.

  4. I'm so relieved to hear you sounding like yourself again. Best thoughts from our house to yours!

  5. Whew!
    You do sound a bit more like the real Badger - what a relief. I shall have a glass of wine for you - I suspect you'll be on the wagon for a while...

    Kia kaha!

  6. So it was all in your head, after all.

  7. My word, Badger.

    Odds are, however, you're going to be feeling uncommonly well presently.

    Get well. Do say how you are.

  8. me: I am sure they sat on me more than once to get me into the right position.

    head in the sun: It is rather special - but much better than a tumor.

    esb: I have been thinking about the bicycle. It will be at least a month I think.

    SK Waller: Thanks so much!

    Alexia: Unfortunately I cannot yet see my next drink.

    Merisi: It always is!

    feuillet: Feeling much better today!

  9. Do you and Biggles actually communicate with the gurgling? That is the question.

  10. fmc: I am not quite sure. I try to gurgle in French but I am not sure he understands.