Thursday, October 30, 2014

He knows what he is doing

I am starting to be allowed to do things. Today I changed the sheets on the bed - fed the squirrels corn – and am allowed to walk one block to Tea’s Me for lunch. I was not allowed to feed the birds as this involves schlepping birdseed – which I am not up to at this stage.

I am still not allowed near the basement.

I very nearly did some dusting today but lost interest and had a nap instead. The cleaners come today so perhaps I will dust tomorrow. The cleaners only do the floors and the bathrooms which leaves quite a bit for me.

The first level of house across the road is nearly finished and I am looking forward to seeing level two go on. I can follow most of what they are doing and can answer Cate’s questions about why they are doing things a certain way.

I think boys know this stuff because they always watch houses being built but girls are busy buying shoes and frocks and have other important stuff on which to focus their attention. In Cate’s case she of course has to go to work so I am happy to watch the house for her. Anton the owner is often there and I occasionally go over and chat to him about progress.  He clearly knows what he is doing so I have refrained from giving him any advice.

I am lucky I have a free weekend before the Colts play on Monday night. I am comforted by the thought that they could not possibly play as badly as they did on last Sunday. 


  1. As I was reading this, all I could think is about pumpkin spice donuts. That's the kind of friend I am.

    Is the house being built with those thin wooden sticks and paper and foil enclosure holding glass wool between them? I always thought these looked like soft-shell crabs that could take off at any moment, growing a hard shell and wings while they do so.

  2. Baby steps but progress is progress.

  3. It is nice that they are just a block away.

    Perhaps the reason you aren't allowed in the basement is because you aren't really a human but a robot and while you were away getting your "microprocessor" fixed they got a replacement Badger 2.0 - I have often suspected that is the case with me, but I am not sure which version number "I" am.

    Hoping you are gaining lots of strength to be ready for Thanksgiving. Any winter vacation plans yet?

  4. Merisi: they have not gotten that far yet. I shall let you know. I had a pumpkin yoghurt last week and it was disgusting.

    fmc: I am allowed to go outside for walks. This is progress.

    esb: I have gelt like a robot lately but am sure I am still Badger. WE are going to Washington to visit repos for Thanksgiving and Alaska 0n 26 December.

  5. Good progress...I am glad :)

    Also, quite surprised you keep up with the NFL...always thought it odd that they don't complement their lovely Kevlar armor with a pretty pink tutu.

  6. KEEGAN88: I also used to think they wore too much padding until I found out how many players suffer from CTE.

  7. I find dusting to be very over-rated. Perhaps one of the cats could do it if you attached a brush to their tail or even sit them strategically so their tail does the job all by itself! I recently found a recipe for pumpkin ice cream. Not sure I'd like that. A friend is over the moon about bacon, yes bacon, icecream. Ugh. Glad you are feeling well enough to watch others work.

  8. Sandy: They have bacon flavored everything here. The cats do dust within their tails but leave paw prints which have to be wiped off. I can guarantee that I would not like the ice cream.