Friday, October 17, 2014

This is how it works here

I am feeling much better and would like to do things. I am not sure what – but something. Cate will not let me go anywhere so I am still mooching about the house. I did the ironing but that took only an hour – back to square one.

Molly caught me in the basement getting chicken stock for Lizzie so I guess I will be in trouble for that as well. Someone also caught me sneaking out to the recycling bin. I suspect Molly again – but do not trust anyone.

I am allowed to lie down and stare into space but there is a limit to how long you can do this without thinking about George Bush and Iraq – and then all sorts of weird things enter your head.

Molly and Biggles leave today but Lenny and Carmenchita and Yossi arrive on Sunday. At least Lenny will not rat on me like Molly does.

There is a light out in the downstairs bathroom and I am desperate to fix this – but I am not allowed near ladders – even small ones. Sounds like a job for Lenny.

I think I was probably very lucky ending up where I did. Methodist apparently has one if the best neuroscience labs in the country. All the doctors and nurses were just marvelous -   even if they did wake me every hour during the night and give me a faulty IV. One night it said ‘Rabbit’ every seven seconds for about six hours.

I was thrilled to see that the maximum we can pay for medical services to our insurer each year is $14,200.

I am certain we will pay this amount and the hospital and insurance company can fight over the other hundreds of thousands for years to come.

This is how it works here.


  1. So very glad you are okay! Rest watch some truly terrible American TV!
    Trina of Kentucky

  2. Wow, 3086 rabbits. If it would have said, "sheep" you could have counted them aNd fallen a sleep. I would check out what is new on Netflix.

  3. I thought of your squirrels this morning as I watched ours fighting in the tree beside the bedroom window. When I was forced to stay in bed (for a year) a couple of years ago, I was glad I'd put bird and squirrel feeders in that tree and a birdbath beneath it. It saved my sanity--well, almost. What got me through was my blog and Facebook. And those crappy games... My advice is to write your memoirs! We'd all love to read that!

  4. So glad you are well enough to complain.

  5. Trina: I know all about the daytime shows now!

    esb: That's a damn lot of rabbits. But they did not help me sleep

    SK Waller: I have starred my memoirs - and the birds and squirrels do relax me a lot.

    fmcgmccllc: Never too unwell to complain.