Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nathan has been doing it since 1916

Yesterday I received my delivery of IV things. They send me yellow, white and blue stuff. Today my nurse came and changed the IV thingy on my arm. We have to wear masks while she does this. She says this will go on until I see my doctor on 12 November. I am going to have a CAT scan first.

Cate is going to New Jersey next week so I will be on my own for a night. I am allowed to give myself my IV things but I am not allowed to go down to the basement. What could be down there that I am not allowed to see? Cate says John Howard is down there. I am sure this is not true.

From my study I can see a man exercising his puppy. He has been doing this for a long time and he disappears for a while only to surface again on the lawn next door. He does not come onto our side of the lawn. He is wearing a red flannel shirt and a beanie. I think there may be a kangaroo loose in the top paddock.

It is election day next Tuesday and the woman next door is hoping to be elected as the Marion County Recorder. I have no idea what that is but we have a sign of hers in our front garden. She is a very nice lady and a Democrat so we would vote for her if we could but we have no status here whatsoever.

I had hot dogs for lunch today and Cate had two. I never thought Cate would eat a hot dog but she said they were delicious. I think she is becoming American – I will see if I can get her to Dunkin’ Donuts.

They were of course Nathan’s hot dogs which are just the best. For some reason you cannot buy a decent dog in Australia – they all taste funny and chewy. Nathan has been making them since 1916 so has had lots of practice.


  1. You need to get Cate Krispy Kreme donuts, fresh of the conveyor belt! ;-)
    I checked, there are several locations in Indianapolis.

  2. I had a hot dog this week, first one in prolly 8 years. That is enough for me. But of course they do not serve Nathan's at the assembly plants.

    You have really got to find out what is up with that basement. I hate basements.

  3. And if you ever make it to California, the ONLY burger is an In 'n Out burger.

  4. Don't hate, Dunkin Donuts is awesome.

    Glad to see you are getting better :) ... genuinely.

  5. Merisi: I have tried her on KK but she says they are too sweet.

    fmc: I would only ever eat Nathans's.

    SK Waller: I shall indeed try that.

    Keegan88: My son just discovered DD and also thinks they are awesome. Thanks for the kind thoughts.

  6. I used to eat chili dogs quite regularly, maybe once a week, but I haven't tried incorporating them into my current agenda.

  7. esb: I think you should have a monthly dog.