Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Only one will not be achieved

Guess what this is before you read the blog.

And no it is not a harness for restraining Dick Cheney while he froths at the mouth about invading Iraq - again. 

We have finally decided that to ride our bikes we have to go further afield. There are very few cycle paths in Indianapolis and the roads are too damn dangerous – in terms of both traffic and their general state of decrepitude.

But there are lots of good rides outside Indianapolis – and indeed in our adjoining states. Ohio in particular is apparently cycling heaven.

So I have had – on my list of things to do – the task of buying a tow bar and bicycle rack for the car.

I mention that I put everything of substance that I have to do on lists which I maintain in my ‘Kollegblock’ which I bought in Vienna. Minor chores are not recorded – just things relating to tasks which are important and not immediately doable.

So far since our arrival in Indianapolis I have recorded about 320 tasks on my list of things to do – and have completed about 280.

Only one - ‘teach Monika how to use the cat door’ - is unlikely ever to be achieved.

But I could not make a decision about which car should have the tow bar – so this task has been on my list since last summer. I finally decided to buy a ‘portable’ one – which is shown in the photo.

This fits onto the back of the car and is held firmly in place by four straps. The bicycles are attached to it and are also strapped together.

I did extensive research on this type of contraption before I bought it and this one is the most highly rated. I read many reviews on Amazon and most were very favorable.

It is apparently quite spectacular when the contraption – with bicycles - falls off the back of the car at 65 MPH on the Interstate – but only a couple of reviewers reported this - and I am sure it was a case of them not putting it together properly.

So we are ready for cycling adventures.


  1. As I was coming home last evening I thought I saw two bicycles in front of me, one going straight and the other behind (?) it going veRy sporadicaLLy from side to side. But when I reached them to go around I discovered that I was wrong, it was 1 1/2 bicycles, 3 wheels, 2 seats. The father was riding the front regular looking bicycle with the smaLL child on the 1/2 contraption, struggling. So it was able to pivot between the full bike and half bike somewhat like a trailer. I don't think I had ever seen one before.

  2. esb: I have seen them in Australia but not in the USA.

    fmcgmccllc: Let us hope.